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Lukaku and Lautaro – Absolutely unstoppable!

Lukaku and Lautaro give Inter eighth win a row

For the second time this season, Inter have managed to win 8 games in a row. Inter with a much needed 2-1 win over a struggling Torino side.

This now puts Inter 9 points clear at the top of the table, as we found Milan would later lose to Napoli. Please note that Juventus still have a game in hand, so this could come down to 7 points if they were to win that catchup fixture.

Let’s look a bit further into some key takeaways from the Torino match.

It’s a guarantee –

When a player steps up the penalty spot, as a fan you get a feeling in your stomach if the player will score or miss.

Every time we see Lukaku step up to the spot, there is zero doubt in my mind that this will be nowhere but in the back of the net. The calmness of Lukaku just puts us at ease, and it’s like there is ice in his veins.

So far, since debuting in Serie A last season, Lukaku has buried 11 from 11 penalties. A penalty isn’t always a guaranteed goal, but with Lukaku stepping up it’s a pretty sure thing.

Out of form? Please – 

Over the past few months there has been talk in the media about Lautaro being out of form. Obviously, there have been games where he has missed chances, I agree but this does not mean a player is out of form.

Some days the ball goes in, some days it hits the post and other days you just wish you stayed in bed.

For Lautaro, this season has been a coming to age for him. Working with Lukaku and Sanchez has done nothing but fantastic things for his current abilities. The future looks bright for Lautaro, and the goal he scored today speaks to that.

In a situation where Inter needed the win, it was Lautaro’s defining goal which puts Inter with breathing space on top of the table.

5 goals in the past 8 games which isn’t bad for a guy “out of form”.

What’s important?

The main thing Inter fan’s should be excited about is the winning culture being born inside the club. We are witnessing a team who just finds any way to win.

In a season full of rollercoasters, to have two runs where eight games can be won back to back is quite phenomenal.

Some teams have great winning runs, and then back that up with a few losses. This season, Inter have been fantastic at getting the 3 points in a lot of situations where they didn’t deserve it.

That’s what the great teams do, they find any way to win. For Inter, there is still a lot of learning to do, but right now let’s just keep winning and wrap up this title. It’s all we need to put our full attention and focus on.

Where to next? 

It’s a very scary next match as Inter faces Sassuolo at the San Siro.

Did you know, the last time Inter beat Sassuolo at home was back in September 2014, when the result was 7-0 to Inter. Since then, Inter are winless at home to Sassuolo in the last 5 matches.

Prediction: Inter to break the curse and win well. Inter 4-1.

Written by Matthew Pickham