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Lazaro close to Premier League move


After having formalized the arrival of Ashley Young, Inter is continuing with their transfer connections with English teams.

The clubs involved in conversations with the black and blue are West Ham and Newcastle.

Both clubs are in need of a winger, and because of that Valentino
Lazaro seems to be a plausible solution for them.

The Austrian has not convinced Conte with his performances during his half season, but the Italian manager believes in his potential and that’s why he’s willing to loan him to a team that gives him a solid playing time.

The 23 year old has played for Hertha Berlin last season. During this time he scored 3 goals but more importantly providing 6 assists. 

The Nerazzurri are not satisfied with his output but they believe that if he finds a good environment for his development, he will come back in Milan more mature and complete as a player.

What is in your opinions, the best answer to promote his growth?

Do you think he would fit in a Premier League team?