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Lautaro’s Agent: “We are ready to remove his release clause.”

Image via Inter.it

Lautaro Martinez has been an important player for Inter, scoring important goals such as the goals against Milan and Napoli. To catch up with his progress, fcinternews.it interviewed his agent Beto Yaque:

What is the physical condition of Lautaro?

“He’s better, he told me he recovered. He trained with the group and everything suggests he’s ready for the next game.”

Have you talked with Lautaro about how in such a short time, he earned the love and respect from Inter fans?

“More than talking about it, I see it. Lautaro only thinks about playing, he keeps a low profile. He’s fine and he’s happy. The goal against Milan was an important one both for him and the team. He feels loved by everyone, by his team mates and the fans. You can notice this every day and if he’s happy, I am happy too.”

Are you working on extending the contract and remove the release clause? 

“We are calm because Lautaro is a very young boy who is an elite player. If Inter called us for this, given that they always behaved well with us, we are willing to discuss it.”

How do you see it paired with Icardi? I guess you know that Mauro has had several problems …

“I don’t want to get into the specific situation, also because we are talking about personal circumstances that do not concern me. This is why I tell you that I am only interested in seeing Lautaro play.”

Would you imagine him one day as Captain of Inter? 

“My idea, of his family and the player, has always been to want to see him triumph with the Nerazzurri. The goal is to achieve great goals and enter the club’s history. At Racing he was Captain. He has a strong character and can wear the arm band. But let’s give it time, he only arrived this season. Let him grow, the rest remains to be seen.”

But he has always maintained that he wants to be in the starting XI and take advantage of the opportunities that would have been granted to him. Now that his words have become reality, what are your thoughts?

“I’ve always trusted him. I know him very well. He just needed continuity. Today it is a reality, he deserves it. He gives everything for the club and for his team mates. Now he is part of the starting 11 and wants to continue on this path by demonstrating his value, to show what he is made of, continuing to grow.”

The goal against Milan will certainly have helped. Did he tell you something special? 

“We talked right at the end of the Derby. His happiness was irrepressible. Lautaro was very happy, for something he dreamed of: scoring in an important match and winning the game, thus giving his fans joy and three points. We’re really talking about a huge contentment.”

Very soon Inter will face Juve…

“He will also score against the bianconeri. At least that’s what I hope for.”

There is a lot of confidence in Lautaro…

“Yes, he is a boy who is reaping the fruits of hard work. He deserves all the good things that are happening to him. But he has other dreams to fulfill, such as that of playing for his country, Argentina. And this passes from today’s performances. He must continue on the road taken.”

Source: fcinternews.it