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Lautaro “I give everything for Inter!”

Lautaro score fantastic goal.

Lautaro was interviewed post match in the victory over Fiorentina, where the Argentine superstar provided 2 goals and an assist.

“This is an important moment for me and for my career. I’m happy because I’m working well every day, taking care of every detail and I hope to continue to show it on the pitch.

“How much do I feel like a leader and how much do I feel the team is mine? In fact, I’ve been in this great club for five years, I always give everything for Inter, my teammates listen to me and I always try to help the team.

“I want to make the fans happy, who are always by our side. What if I miss Lukaku? He is an important player for us, he is not missing only by me, he is missing by the whole team. We hope to find him soon to fight all together.

“The World Cup? As I said a couple of days ago, he is preparing by giving his all for Inter. Playing with your head thinking you can get hurt is the easiest way to get hurt.”

Lautaro in the last month has gone from strength to strength. We know that once he gets on a hot streak, he is close to unstoppable. Let’s hope he can keep this up.

What do you think of Lautaro’s recent form?

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Source: Inter official website