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Javier Zanetti – “Win, but do more than that.”


“Vincere, ma non solo” (“Win, but do more than that”). Javier Zanetti has released his book.

This is a phrase which can be attributed to Inter’s vice-president Javier Zanetti, who not only has been speaking about his latest book, but also about the decisive match against the Dutch side:

“My new book is different compared to my last one: it doesn’t concern my career as a footballer, but my adventure as a director. This is an important new stage in my life. Many people thought I would only be focusing on the sporting side of things, but for me it’s vital to look at things from all aspects and to make my contribution to all the club’s projects.

“The biggest challenge is sustainability. We are working with this in mind: we are taking part in many international projects with the aim of increasing the amount of money coming in. After a career as a footballer, this new challenge fascinates me a lot. I am making my contribution so that the club can increase its revenue and the team can become more competitive. Inter has changed a lot. Ownership changes have taken place and I feel very comfortable in transmitting the values of the club as we look to continue along the path we’ve taken.”

This is a path which includes the final match of the group stage in Europe’s top competition: “Before we think about the result in the match between Barcelona and Tottenham, we need to do our job. We need to win our match, although it won’t be easy. We will have to do our best to beat PSV Eindhoven, and then we can hope for a positive result at Camp Nou. Based on our performances, I think we deserve to make the Round of 16. Let’s hope we do.

“We knew it would be a difficult group when the draw was made, but we also knew there was the possibility we could do well. We want to keep playing until the end, and we have to approach the match with confidence.”

Source: Inter.it