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It’s time for Handanovic to step aside!

Handanovic own goal as Inter draw 1-1 with Napoli.

If Inzaghi will not make the correct decision, Handanovic should respect the fans wishes and drop himself back to the bench for Onana.

Unfortunately, at the age of 38, Handanovic just isn’t as responsive as he once was. Time takes it’s toll, and as you get older your body starts slowing down. So this means your reactions speeds just aren’t there, and shots you would’ve easily saved are now making their way into the goal.

On the other hand, there is a fit young 26 year old just warming the bench in Serie A. The time has come where if Handanovic loves this club, he will make the decision for Inzaghi. Onana needs to be the starting keeper!

I’m not sure why Inzaghi insists on playing Handanovic in Serie A, and Onana only in the Champions League. We can clearly see that Onana is ready to be our full time number one.

As it stands, Inter are 4 wins and 4 losses in Serie A. It’s difficult to blame an individual but Handanovic has been single handedly responsible for at least 3 of those losses. On the other side of the coin, he’s had 1 superb game where individually he gained Inter 3 points over Torino.

Overall, Handanovic has been more of a liability than a strength.

In eight matches this season, Handanovic has conceded 13 goals with 2 clean sheets. Fixtures against Lecce, Spezia, Lazio, Cremonese, Milan, Torino, Udinese and Roma.

In three matches this season, Onana has conceded 2 goals with 2 clean sheets. Fixtures against Bayern Munich, Viktoria Plzen and Barcelona.

We can see the difference in quality above so for me, Onana’s statistics and performances are light years ahead of Handanovic.

What do you think? Is it time for Onana to be our full time starter in all competitions?

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