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It’s a matter of DNA: Pazza Inter no more

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The optimism following the 4-0 against Lecce is quite unusual for us Interisti. Yes, the build up to the match was exciting enough. Having signed Lukaku, after a long wait, so long that many supporters were losing hope, has galvanized the atmosphere around the club. And training at the Meazza by night before the game was the signal there will be no stone unturned.

One more thing that happened before the game with Lecce was the change of anthem. ‘Pazza Inter’ is not playing anymore from the speaker of the stadium. We’re back to ‘C’è solo l’Inter’, which is still listed how the official anthem of our team but it was partially ditched for the more fun, catchy and popular single from Rosita Celentano and singed by our 2007 squad.

What’s the difference? For us Interisti, Inter could last only 90 minutes and we would be happy anyway. Antonio Conte, who grew up with the idea that “winning is all that matters”, there no space for craziness. Inter will need to be “strong and regular”. More like Juventus?

Makes me smile, though, the fact that ‘C’è solo l’Inter’ is the synthesis of our differences with that crowd.

“Io non rubo il campionato. Ed in Serie B non son mai stato.”