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It is not over yet: 12 days to Inter-Barcelona


The destiny of our UEFA Champions League campaign depends by one game, the last game of the group stage. Inter-Barcelona. December the 10th. At the Giuseppe Meazza.

The adrenaline of this ecstatic victory in Prague elevates Inter to what Dragon Ball fans would call Ultra Instinct. It is when you fight without thinking. Everything happens like it should happen; nothing can stop you: not injuries, not strange referee calls.

There are two Serie A fixtures before the 10th of December. In 12 days, we will play three games in front of our own fans. SPAL, this Sunday, the 1st of December; Roma, on Friday the 6th. And Barcelona. Three games to see if this Ultra Instinct, this being more united, more of a team as Antonio Conte was suggesting in his pre-match interview, will work and propel Inter into the Elimination Rounds of Champions League.

The two clubs, which were reported to be very close to snap some deals for the summer market, will face each other with two different motivations:  13 points for Barcelona, already qualified for the next round of the competition; 7 points for both Inter and Borussia Dortmund, with Inter in front in case of draw; Prague already out of European football.

We won’t suggest our boys to play while checking the score of Dortmund-Prague on the big screen, it would be a disaster!  Inter needs to win. And history isn’t with us. In 13 games against FC Barcelona, Inter has won only twice: 14th of January 1970, goal of Boninsegna and Bertini for Inter and Fusté for Barcelona in the first leg Round of 16 of the Inter-Cities Fairs Cup, the old Europa League; Tuesday 20th of April 2010, goal of Sneijder, Maicon and Milito for us, and Pedro for them in the first leg Semi-Final of UEFA Champions League.

It is with the spirit of that Inter that we suggest our boys to play. That Inter, featuring Samuel Eto’o who recently has pointed out this Inter as a serious contender for Champions League glory, broke a psychological barrier by defeating what was the best team in football at the time. There are all the ingredients there were at the time: players with points to prove, see the disregarded Lukaku who despite being very resourceful for our team, is still viewed as under performing by the media; a coach with victory as his code; professional players, with desire and very good technical skills.

Could this Inter win and go through in the next round of the Champions League?

As Scarpini shout out few times, nulla è impossibile per questa Inter. Nothing is impossible for Inter.