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Is This Inter Disrespecting Its Own Values?

Why was Christian Eriksen subbed in with two minutes to go?

Via Inter.it

Winning is not important, it is the only thing that matters. This one sentence sums Juventus’ values.

And as an Interista, thinking that my club is now pursuing this philosophy makes me feel dirty. Sad. Like Antonio Conte is sitting on my chest.

Three years ago, months before the foundation of Inter Media House, Inter.it published a piece to wish Happy Birthday to our club. This piece featured the three values that guide our club since its foundation in 1908: unity, integrity, passion. Those three values were briefly explained. Integrity had the shortest explanation, but hidden a direct response to the sentence I choose as opening for this article.

We act with integrity: honesty and correctness guide us. It is not just about winning, it is about how you win.

This is Inter. From 1908 until today. Today our general and coach violated what Inter is. With three minutes to go, Antonio Conte called in Christian Eriksen. The Dane walked into the pitch, just to walk off, alone, a few minutes later. While his teammates were celebrating three important points.

In the post game interview, Conte said that he has a good relationship with Eriksen and that everything he does is for Inter’s sake.

Well, Antonio. If this is how you intend to take Inter on top of Serie A, please stop.

Essere interista, as Curva Nord wrote in May 2019, means respect Inter’s history, its sporting tradition, its people, the city that it represents with honor.

Christian Eriksen arrived at Inter after Antonio Conte picked up the phone and convinced him to join the club.

Did Conte see a way to place him in his 3-5-2? What changed? Is Eriksen what Conte expected? Is it a problem that Christian does not speak Italian?

We do not have clear answers.

One thing for sure: bringing Christian into a game at the 91st minute, violates his dignity and tarnishes Conte, Inter, Serie A and Italy reputation in front of the world of football. This is not what we want to see at Inter. If Christian’s future is not in Milano, please do not even bring him to the bench. Do not break the man.