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Inzaghi “We Must Learn From This!”


Inzaghi was interviewed by Inter TV after the Lecce match, where he vented his frustrations and discussed the match itself.

Firstly, Inzaghi spoke about his team and opened up with nothing but honesty.

“The team showed once again that they have a great heart by winning in the 95th minute. We started well, playing an excellent half hour, then we got a bit nervous.

“After, we lost dimensions and geometry and we conceded the equalizer. We will have to analyze this performance together, we must learn to close games like this first.”

Inzaghi went on to speak further about his substitutions and how it all played out.

“I have several solutions from the bench, whoever came in did well. We finished with all 4 of our forwards, we could have scored earlier but the boys were good at always believing in victory.

“If you are lucky enough to have Dzeko and Lukaku together and put a ball in the box, it’s hard for the opponents to reject it. Since Lecce played 4 in defense I preferred to put Lautaro further back, with Dzeko and Lukaku paired with the central defender.”

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Source: Inter TV