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Inzaghi “Undeserved but this is football”


Inzaghi fronted up to an interview by Inter TV after a disgraceful loss to Roma at San Siro. Talk is cheap, we need action.

“We have to do more, work more on the particular because tonight we lost a game where we created a lot. It means that what we are doing at the moment is not enough. As a coach tonight I had a wonderful response from the team with the way we were on the pitch. It’s normal that we feel sorry for our fans who cheered us on from start to finish. Unfortunately we have to lick our wounds and start again after a heavy defeat.

“We know that on Tuesday we are going to play an important Champions League match against a very strong team. It is normal for there to be disappointment after tonight’s defeat, certainly undeserved but this is football. In my opinion we have put in the best performance of the season but with a heavy defeat it burns and hurts.

“The fans have been extraordinary, they have always encouraged us despite a difficult moment. I had a great response from the team that did what they had to do. We have to work more on the single episode, such as the goals conceded.

“The tranquility is also given by the results, in this moment we pay every carelessness and we all have to do more. Defeats never bring serenity but in a few days we analyzed the match in Udine which was not at our level while in this match I seen so many positive things that last year allowed us to win two trophies and now with work we have to get out of this situation.”

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Source: Inter official website