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Inzaghi “For the players, the club and the fans!”


Inzaghi was interviewed after the match, as Inter defeated Juventus 4-2 to take out the Coppa Italia final and win the trophy.

Simone Inzaghi spoke about his thoughts of the match itself.

“We put in a great performance against a strong opponent. We did really well in the first half an hour, but we lost our shape a little in the final 15 minutes before half time. Our approach to the second half was poor and we let in two goals.

“We should have remained more focused, but this team never gives up, as I know. It’s not just this evening, but since 8 July, that I’ve seen them do that. Now we have two league games to play as best we possibly can, but it’s right that we enjoy the celebrations tonight with the fans. I’m happy for the lads, the club and the fans.”

The second half was discussed where Inter almost cost themselves the match.

“The players did well. To analyse it, I need to re-watch the game. We shouldn’t have let in those two goals. The second one was on the counter-attack, but I don’t think I can ask for anything more. The substitutes also did really well when they came on, so it’s right that we celebrate winning this trophy together.”

Lastly, Inzaghi went on to speak about how that winning feeling.

“It makes me happy to share this victory with the staff who help me every day to prepare for three games each week. We’ve gone far in everything we’ve done. We made it to the Round of 16 in the Champions League and I think Inter have been the only team to beat Liverpool so far. We have given so much and have no regrets.”

Source: Inter official website

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