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Spalletti or Pioli to Milan? Sensi & Godin Updates

Via Inter.it


The latest is that AC Milan have fired coach Marco Giampaolo with former Inter coach Luciano Spalletti being offered a 2 year deal worth 5m Euros.

Looks like Spalletti was ready to accept the deal but his contract with Inter is still valid until 2021.

Rumours are that Spalletti was asking for a full year salary worth around 10 million euros, while Inter was offering at maximum 3-4 million

As a response Marotta took the deal off the table. Inter is now asking for Spalletti to resign his contract if he wants to accept Milan.

Milan has contacted Stefano Pioli, former Lazio, Inter and Fiorentina manager and the deal is now the most likely outcome.


Sportitalia’s journalist Gianluigi Longari tried to explain his reasons for Inter still being one tier below Juventus:

    1. Juventus has a much deeper team and Sarri can find alternatives in the middle of the game, bringing in players like Gonzalo Higuain which are definitely not worse than the starting 11.On the other hand, Conte can trust maybe 12-13 players to be at a good enough level for games like this and Stefano Sensi’s injury proved this argument to be right.
    2. Some players are just not comfortable yet with Conte’s 352 style (Skriniar) or are still looking for the best physical condition (Godin, Lukaku).

The team is improving in the last 2-3 years and the progress is starting to finally show. Getting a deeper team is tougher, will require more time and is a problem only Marotta and Ausilio can solve, maybe starting from January?

Sensi and Godin injuries:

Sensi finished his medical exams today. Reports are he has suffered elongation of the right thigh adductors; and will miss national team games and possibly the game against Sassuolo.

Godin said his injury is nothing serious, just a little problem with is knee but he’s feeling ok.

Other news:

Inter is still the best team in serie A when it comes to supporters.

They average 63.569 people per game, above Milan standing at an average 53.499 and Juventus standing at around 39.000.

Lukaku is still recovering. He is expected to start for Belgium on Thursday and Lautaro is almost sure to start for Argentina as well. Danilo D’ambrosio is also set to start for Italy.

Manchester United is going to ask 25 milion euros for Sanchez at the end of the season.

Corriere dello Sport is reporting that Conte is asking for another backup striker in the winter transfer market.

Marotta is thinking about selling Gabigol to fulfill Conte’s request.