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Inter’s weak mentality appears against Juventus!

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After Inter had the best chances of the match, conceding the first goal broke their spirit with the final score ending 2-0 to Juventus.

Unfortunately we missed our opportunities and Juventus took theirs. It’s as simple as that. Up until the 51st minute, Juventus had zero shots on goal and then a counter-attacking raid opened up their account.

Inter missed several great opportunities including an open goal from Dumfries. Lautaro had a fantastic chance in the 4th minute and Dzeko also missed a header two yards from goal. Lautaro in the second half also missed a fantastic chance after Correa put him in one on one with the keeper.

On another night, Inter win this comfortably. But Juventus have shown us, if you don’t take your chances then you don’t deserve to win.

Obviously we are upset, but we need to move on. We have the Champions League draw coming up soon and a couple of matches before the World Cup. It was a great sign to see Brozovic back on the pitch, but the mentality of this team needs to be stronger.

We conceded a goal, then pretty much completely lost our way. It just isn’t good enough for this side.

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