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Inter’s Soaring Economic Growth


There are a lot of factors that played a key role in Inter’s massive growth in recent years starting with the club’s ownership and management followed by Inter Media house, match day attendance revenues, merchandise, commercial and broadcast revenues.

We will break down Inter’s economic growth for the previous recent years.

Financial Growth

On June 30th 2019, Inter Milan posted its 2018/19 balance sheet. According to Italian news outlet, Ansa, the Italian giants have brought in a staggering €415 million (US$453.8 million) plus capital gains, for the 2018-19 season. Which represents growth of 20 per cent compared to revenues of €346 million (US$378.3 million) for the previous year. Although some minor details were not revealed by the club but the experts suggest Inter are in a much stronger financial position that previous years.

According to Deloitte Football Money League 2017, Inter was ranked 19th among its European rivals. It was a major low for the club as the club failed to secure any major titles during this dry patch. The rough patch that lasted many years for the club and the fans were anxiously waiting for a turnaround. While fans were eagerly asking questions, the management was relentlessly working towards bringing Inter up to par with its competitors and make the club relevant locally and abroad. Now, its 2019 and Deloitte has released its recent numbers. Inter is now ranked 14th (+5) in only 2 years. This shows amazing growth, commitment and discipline set forth by Inter’s management. Here are some other relevant factors that led to this major accomplishment.

Inter’s brand recognition and globalization

Inter’s a regular member of the ICC competition (International Champions Cup) which hosts series of matches across Europe, Asia and North America. Inter’s regular presence in the competition raises global awareness of the brand and rekindles a connection with its fan across the globe. It is absolutely imperative for the club to maintain its participation in these competitions to continue it’s brand recognition throughout the world.

Another major aspect of globalization is Inter’s academy and summer camp program that is hosted in many countries. According to Inter.it, there are over 5K + players in over 15 countries.

Inter Media House

Inter Media House, this one’s big and it’s massive growth in last couple of years has taken social media by the storm. Recently it was reported that Inter’s Facebook has reached 10+ million fans mark with a remarkable growth of 4 millions users in last season alone. In this day and age of Social media, Inter’s media house has put in extreme efforts by sharing posts, pictures and videos of the club.

Inter also launched a mesmerizing brand movement rightly named ‘Not For Everyone’ – It is a clear message for everyone that all true Inter fans are loyal and they do not sway from any let down. The movement has reignited a remarkable passion in every fan’s heart.


Stadium, attendance, merchandise

It is now confirmed that Inter wants to move forward with its plan of building a brand new stadium in the city of Milan. Although there are many conflicting views on this particular subject but it is very important to understand the reason behind this project.

San Siro or Giuseppe Meazza Stadium is iconic but it is old and it needs a major overhaul. These days, purpose of a stadium is not just the game itself but it is the experience. For a team, game day revenue is a major aspect of their revenue and thus it is extremely necessary to present the visitors with opportunities to come, watch, and enjoy the experience. Stadiums nowadays have many boutique shops, restaurants and other means of the retail outlets to generate revenue.

Inter Milan has recorded highest number of attendance in Serie A this season with an exceptional figure of 58K + average attendance according to WorldFootball. This massive boost of attendance is predominantly due to steady rise in overall revenues, latest signings, coaching staff changes and a qualification to European competitions. It is also reported that Inter has sold all of its season passes this season.

Merchandise is a major factor that brings in a lot of revenue and brand recognition. In recent years, Inter’s official store has expanded its clothing range from regular t-shirts, polo shirts, sweatshirts, official match kits and accessories. The merchandise is not limited to Male and female but now Inter store offers plenty of youth products and children products.

This is the new age Inter. Bold, forthcoming, daring and fearless. It is safe to presume that We are back!

Onward and upward! Forever FORZA INTER!