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Inter’s Scudetto Dream Still Alive While Juventus’ Ends!

Inter Juventus
Inter vs Juventus

A courageous Inter side have defeated Juventus 1-0 away from home, breaking Juve’s hearts and their 16 game unbeaten streak in the process.

A match where Inter really didn’t deserve the 3 points, but that’s football. For once, Inter were on the good side of some questionable calls against the Old Lady. It’s only Inter’s fourth win in the last decade over Juventus in Serie A.

Let’s look further into the match itself.

Man of the Match!

This is the easiest one of the season – Milan Skriniar was phenomenal is defence today. Considering he was man-marking Vhalovic all match while playing in the center of the back 3 is incredible.

It’s a position which Skriniar has played from time to time with De Vrij being injured during the season, and it seems to suit him perfectly. We saw a similar performance in the Champions League against Liverpool when De Vrij was forced off the pitch at half time and Skriniar moved into the center.

Today was a different beast that we saw unleashed. Up against Serie A’s best striker in Vhalovic, Skriniar didn’t take a step backwards. He was always on the front foot looking to put Vhalovic off his game, and it worked.

We only saw one chance from Vhalovic, as Skriniar had him in his pocket for the rest of the match. A close to perfect performance from our leader in defence – SUPERB!


For me, it’s been a decade of punishment finally catching up in a Derby d’Italia. Year after year, we’ve seen Juventus get the “lucky calls” and finally one has gone Inter’s way.

The penalty was the right call, as there was contact (even if minimal) in the box. To replay the spot kick was another correct decision, as de Ligt did enter the box before the penalty was taken and then interfered with Hakan.

The only thing I find disappointing is that the referee didn’t make these calls, as it wasn’t until VAR intervened before we saw the correct decisions made.

For the rest of the match there was a lot of soft yellow cards. Lautaro in the first minute for his challenge on Locatelli had no malice or intent to hurt so it was the correct call. Especially being the first stoppage of the match too, so definitely not a red card.

Near the end, we just saw Juventus players diving everywhere looking to get the decisions to go their way, but great refereeing calling play on. I’m glad to walk away with the 3 points, and so glad that fixture is done for the season.

Happy the contract is settled –

Even though Brozovic’s contract is signed and settled, it felt like his mind was elsewhere at times today. His clumsiness with passing isn’t something we are used to seeing from Marcelo.

There were too many times when he lost the ball in dangerous positions which really put pressure on us. It may be since it’s his first game back from injury, so we will give him a break this time.

The most positive thing now is that the players can just go back to playing football. Brozovic is a massive part of this team and how we perform on the pitch, so having contract discussions for one of our best must’ve been playing on the minds of everyone in the squad.

That is past us so it’s time to focus on winning the Scudetto! We have the squad to do it, and ugly wins like this are just what builds confidence. It was gritty, ugly and undeserved, but that’s the complete opposite of what’s happened to us since December.

Where to next?

We have more rest and then we are back playing at home. It’s a tough match against Verona but this Inter team should take a lot coming off the victory from Juventus.

Let’s get some momentum and have a real fight until gameday 38.

Prediction: Inter 2-0

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