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Inter’s Inconsistencies Continue Against Torino!


Inter have only just managed a 1-1 draw with Torino thanks to a 90th minute equalizer from Alexis Sanchez. A match where a win was needed.

This puts real pressure on Inter to stay in touch with leaders Milan, as back to back wins in the league seem to be eluding Inter at the moment. All credit to Torino who played a fantastic match, but we all expected Inter to take all 3 points.

Let’s look further into the match itself.

Just not good enough –

It’s such a liability to have a striker up front who consistently misses easy opportunities. For not the first time this season, Dzeko missed a couple of simple chances to bring Inter square.

Twice we saw headers from point blank range get put over the crossbar, and it’s not good enough. We aren’t a mid-table team who can afford to drop points, and consistently failing to hit the target is just completely unacceptable.

I hate bringing up the past, but with Lukaku up front we wouldn’t have lost points in this match today. There would’ve been a few goals put into the back of the net and that’s what annoys us all most.

I don’t know what the solution is at the moment. We have a striker up front who’s past his best, and another in Lautaro who struggles to show his best. A tough situation we seem to be in.

Run of form – 

The next few games don’t get easier for Inter. A tricky opponent awaits us, as Fiorentina have been strong even after selling Vlahovic.

Inter needs to get back in the winners circle on a regular basis, and it could all start against the Viola.

In December, Inter were unstoppable so I’m really not sure where that’s gone. This game against Torino really showed some of Inter’s weaknesses. A strong press for 90 minutes against the Nerazzurri will put you in a very good position as an opponent.

If teams can keep the press up, which Genoa did to us and now Torino then it makes it difficult for Inter to get on the scoreboard. Inzaghi needs to find a way to counter this, otherwise we’ll be losing more points until the end of the season.

Especially if Brozovic is out for longer, it’s going to be hard for us to get back to the top.

Handa –

Handanovic did quite good on a couple of situations where it looked like a certain goal was going to be scored. I don’t blame him on the goal, but I blame his effort.

He stood completely still where the ball flashed past his area from the corner, then he stood still as it pinged across goal and finally was a statue when Bremer put the ball into the net.

All we ask is that you dive and actually attempt to go for the ball. If your reactions aren’t good enough anymore then so be it, but if you are going to be Inter’s captain and number one goalkeeper then you need to show more effort.

On too many occasions does Handanovic just become a spectator in goal. It’s quite frustrating when other keepers like Maignan attempt to save everything.

Where to next?

As mentioned earlier we will face Fiorentina at home. It should be a difficult match, as we’ve known Inter has struggled as of late. We need three points like we need air. It’s crucial to us surviving in this title fight!

Prediction: Inter 3-2

As always, Forza Inter!

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