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Inter win their final match, but sadly it’s not enough!

Inter Sampdoria
Inter Sampdoria

A superb second half provided Inter 3 important points against Sampdoria, but unfortunately second place is what we’ll have to settle with.

The season is over, and there’s nothing more we can do. The players gave 100% and we’ve just fallen short.

The match against Sampdoria was a fantastic sign off for the year. It was the first time in a while where we haven’t displayed next seasons jersey in the last match, but it was great to see that beautiful jersey one more time.

Let’s look further into the match against Sampdoria.

Anticlimactic –

The first half finished for the Inter match finished, so I thought I would look at the Milan score. To see 3-0 completely broke my heart in that instant and I knew our title hopes were over. It was pointless to celebrate anything which happened in Inter’s second half.

The players must’ve been told the score at half time because they came out playing with zero pressure. The second half was carefree and we just looked like a team who wanted the 45 minutes to be over.

As the referee blew the final whistle, we saw many players drop to their knees and tears started flowing. Lautaro couldn’t help but show emotions on his face as he was distraught after the match.


Even as Perisic scored what may be his goal for the club, there was a cheer around San Siro to celebrate Ivan. A fantastic career which Perisic has had with us, and if this is the end then it’s the perfect way for him to go on a personal level.

Perisic set the world on fire these last 6 months and really does deserve a new contract. Unfortunately he’s now a free agent so any club could really go hard at him. Since the beginning of the year, Perisic has gone from strength to strength.

Arguably one of the best left wingbacks in the world, if not number one right now. He dominated Serie A and also dominated Liverpool over two legs too.

Thank you for your service over the years and everything you gave. After the match, we saw you sitting down in the tunnel and pondering what life may bring you. We hope it brings you another Inter contract and we see you in the black and blue next season.

Where to next? 

That’s it Ragazzi, we are done for this campaign. The season is done and 2022/23 is now in the rearview mirror.

We look forward to an offseason to spend time with our families and then it’s time for preseason and finally the Summer transfer market. Suning have said that one big player will be sold, so fingers crossed it’s not one of our up and coming superstars.

From all us here at Inter Worldwide, thank you for your support throughout the season. We’ll be back bigger and better next season as we come for that second star!

As always, Forza Inter!

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