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Inter Vs. Slavia Prague – Press Conference

Image via Clément Bucco-Lechat

Inter are now in a do or die situation in the Champions league. This week, they take on an admirable Slavia Prague side that has shown great resilience thus far against a very strong group. Coach Antonio Conte along with Stefan De Vrij took time to speak to the press at the Suning HQ.

To begin with, Coach and the defender addressed a serious matter pertaining to current injured players and the difficulty that looms around a tough Prague side. Coach said “I am not looking at the past; we look forward to the future. We cannot use injuries as an excuse. I always ask my players to give their all. We know it will be a hard trip and we will have to dig deep.” De vrij added “Slavia made it very difficult for us at the San Siro meeting but we have the right motivation in the team. We are getting better all the time.”

Conte and De Vrij continued to speak about the Prague side and said “Slavia are a side we have played only once. We are a different team than when we played them before. We are ready for this game. Getting a good result tomorrow is very important to us. I want us to be strong at both ends of the pitch.”

Conte was asked about the contrasting display of form in Serie A vs. European competition to which Cont replied “In Europe we face some top sides. Barca are La Liga champions, they always go far in European competition so is Dortmund, they made it hard for Bayern last year. Slavia are 11 points clear in their league. This makes it hard for us. We are doing better in Serie A and that form and development will transition in to European Competitions. “

Conte was asked about the upcoming transfer market situation to which he replied “It is not the right time to talk about it. The transfer market is for the directors to talk about. I want to focus on the games. I want to focus on the squad I have at the moment. I love and thank my players for what they achieving. I want us to progress and go far. Let the best team win!”

Conte did not give specific details about the injured players but was in full praise of his players readiness to step in when needed. Conte ended the press conference by thanking everyone present.