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Inter Vs. Roma – Press Conference

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Antonio Conte met with journalists ahead of the game against Roma in the Press Room of the Suning Training Centre. Inter sits at the top of the Serie A table currently and will be looking to maintain their position.


Conte praised Roma’s current run of form and the mental toughness they bring to the pitch. He said “We’re preparing to host a Roma who are in a very strong and are in top form. They’re a team who has attained a certain maturity and strength; this is a team that has good staff and players who are not only talented but young, with great futures ahead of them. Coach Paulo Fonseca is also proving that he’s a great coach and we all know the Italian league is very tactical, you need a period of adaptation but he’s sticking to his ideas and adapting as needed.”


Conte described Inter’s readiness and preparations for this match and said “It will be a game right out of the top drawer. We are preparing in the right way. We’ll have to soak up some pressure as it comes, but we will also have to be ready to fight and take our chances when they come. We will have to be precise going forward.”


Coach took a brief moment to praise his star striker and said “Lautaro works very hard and he always wishes to play. He’s young and growing.” Conte also mentioned the versatility of Asamoah and said “Asamoah was born a midfielder. He can be a central midfielder. It was me who moved him to wing-back when I signed him from Udinese.”


In the end Conte said “Positivity of the boys is great as they have taken responsibility in difficult times. We will approach these final four games before Christmas break with focus our heads held high. Let’s get ready to grit our teeth as we will get some of our players back after the winter break.”


Conte exited the conference by thanking everyone present.