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Inter Vs. Milan – Post match interviews


The city of Milan will remain black and blue as Inter triumphed over their city rivals. In spite of going 2 goals down in the first half, the Nerazzurri came out all guns blazing in the second half and dominated until the final whistle.

Here’s what Conte and his men had to say post their scintillating victory.

Antonio Conte – “It was certainly a special night because in the first half we found ourselves in great difficulty but we were good at understanding where we had to improve. The credit goes to the guys who in the moment of great difficulty resisted and showed confidence and courage.”

“Everyone took on their responsibilities and we got out of a bad situation and managed to reverse the game in the second half. This game has made us realize that we have to use our head before the legs. Head and heart are often more important than the legs and the result of the second half is solely due to this.”

Matias Vecino – “There are moments in the game where you need a kick, to be aggressive, to send a message. After the first half, we looked each other in the eye and we said we need to bring out something more, the first goal immediately helped us a lot to turn the game in our favor.”

Stefan De Vrij – “Coach made us understand what he needed to do during the break and where we needed to improve. We came out and scored the goals and turned the game around. The goals were incredible with full of emotions and memories that will remain forever. We are all close in the standings and we must continue like this and win our games.”

Romelu Lukaku – “I think everyone saw the mentality of this team, we showed that we never want to give up and we always seek victory. I am here to win and my only goal is to help the team get results. I thank all the fans, my teammates, Conte and his staff for all the support they are giving me.”

A special mention goes out to Inter President Steven Zhang who was ecstatic in the stands and celebrated like a wild child. His actions were louder than words as he celebrated alongside Marotta and other colleagues. We thank you for your enthusiasm and commitment.