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Inter vs Juventus Player Ratings


After a disappointing 90 mins, Inter fall at the Meazza to Juve 2-1. Here are the player ratings for the Derby.


Handanovic: 6 – Had a few decent saves and did well with his feet under pressure from Juventus’ players. Couldn’t do much about the two goals.

Skriniar: 5.5 – Did well to challenge Ronaldo but his few heroics were still not enough.

De Vrij: 6 – Tried his best to get the ball out of his team’s half but the linkup just wasn’t there, otherwise was solid defensively.

Godin: 5 – His age really showed this match. After playing 90 mins against Barcelona on Wednesday there was no way we would see a fully fit Diego against Juve. Rightfully subbed off.

D’Ambrosio: 5.5 – Manmarking Ronaldo is hard and Danilo tried his best yet it still wasn’t good enough. Offensively was okay, gave Vecino a great opportunity to score yet the latter wasted it.

Brozovic: 5 – Collapsed under pressure, didn’t see the usual passes from him that break through the opposition’s backlines.

Barella: 5.5 – Showed up tonight with great tackles and giving the strikers the support they need but he can’t carry the whole midfield by himself.

Sensi: 6 – Was a constant threat and helping in the buildup, we could see what he adds to this team after his injury.

Asamoah: 5.5 – Was beaten and outpaced by Cuadrado a lot tonight. Not as reliable as the Kwadwo we got used to.

Lukaku: 4.5 – Many misplaced passes, one of which could have led to a second goal. Needs to improve his plays outside of the penalty box.

Lautaro: 6.5 – The only bright light we saw tonight. Great with and without the ball, especially with the pressure he applies to the defense. The penalty was taken beautifully, nothing Szczesny can do about it.


Vecino: 4.5 – Missed many chances on goal, gave Juventus’ midfielders even more space to work with and just ran around doing nothing. Made us appreciate Sensi more and more.

Bastoni: 6 – This kid is destined for great things. A pair of fresh legs after Godin’s fatigue took over him was much needed, and he delivered with his aggressiveness and brilliant man marking, gave Juve much less spaces.

Politano: 6 – Gave the team the creativity they needed with plays from the right wing and was a constant threat to Sandro.