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Inter vs Dortmund Player Ratings


The ragazzi have done it, 3 crucial points to keep us alive in this group. Here are the player ratings for the showdown at the Meazza.

Handanovic: 6.5 – Didn’t get tested a lot tonight, but still had two very important saves that kept us alive. Capitano.

Godin: 6 – Not the Godin we saw at the beginning of the season, but still did his job right. Had a few misplaced passes.

De Vrij: 7 – Not only is he a rock at the defense, but the man now has two assists in two games, and what an assist that was.

Skriniar: 7 – He is known to show up in the big games and he did not let us down tonight. A monster performance by the Slovak.

Candreva: 7.5 – The Candreva of the past two seasons wouldn’t have scored that goal, but this is a whole new different player. Beat the goalkeeper in the tight angle, and had a huge defensive impact.

Brozovic: 6.5 – Did his role well, but lost his temper a bit at the yellow card. Had a few misplaced balls too here and there.

Barella: 7 – This man keeps showing that he’s worth 50 million and maybe even more. His physicality is sub par and does a tremendous job in the build up of any attack.

Gagliardini: 6.5 – Despite the skepticism, Roberto did an excellent job. Conte had a clear job for Gagliardini and he did it without any problems.

Asamoah: 6.5 – Getting this man for free is a steal. Easily one of the most dependable players at Conte’s disposal.

Lukaku: 5.5 – Average game for Romelu, didn’t get a decent chance at goal and wasn’t helpful much outside of the box. Conte did well to replace him.

Lautaro : 8 – Extend. His. Contract. Now. Lautaro continues to prove why he is one of the most promising talents in football right now. Beautiful touch on that goal and a clinical finish.


Esposito: 7 – Conte asked him to skip the Under 17 World Cup, gave him a chance and the youngster did not disappoint. Gave Hummels a massive headache and got a penalty out of the experienced German with a beautiful run.

Biraghi: 6 – Wasn’t challenged much defensively and was decent offensively.

Valero: NA – Got on in the last 3 minutes to reinforce the midfield.