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Player Ratings – Inter Vs Sassuolo


Ciao a tutti ragazzi, Giuseppe here at inter world wide.

Today I would like to talk about 3 different topics. First about our coach, second about our style of play, and third about about our over all performance and ratings for me.

First off let me start off by saying I appreciate Spalletti and what he has done for us. The one thing about this coach I don’t agree with is his favourable preference for Perisic and Icardi. A coach should put in who is best for the match and at the same time at the same time keep focus on who actually needs to be subbed out and when.

In my opinion he is great at rejuvenating players thought to be finished completely, but he isn’t the man to finish our team and give us the fans what we want.

Lautaro came on to late and taking Politano out over Perisic was rookie. Radja was a sub that should have come in when Martinez did not the first sub. The coach should be our backbone. He who pushes us, I don’t see that with our current, he’s just to soft.

Now for our style of play. Inter have a bad habit of passing back and forth between defenders and midfield until we lose the ball with nothing created. At one point in the first half I saw 3 inter players within arms reach of each other. Nobody opening up making space. We need to push their mid and defence out of position and we can’t do that being bunched up or walking around while a player is looking for support.

We need to play faster, know where our fellow players are going to do and move up field before we become to predictable. Watching the game I was calling plays before they happened. Which I believe falls on the coach also.. we need more discipline.

Today my player ratings are:

Handanovic – 9, made crucial saves.

D’Ambrosio – 6, he did his job, had some mishaps but kept that side from real danger.

D Vrij – 7 Had one major laps in the first half which could have gifted them a goal.

Skriniar – 8. He was one that pushed forward more than most did his job.

Asamoah – 6 He pushes back to much. 90% if the time he’s passing back to the keeper or defence when he has the skill to push forward.

Vecino – 4 Wasted space. Can’t pass, he can’t tackle, he is just there for a once and a lifetime header.

Brozovic – 7.5 he moves around a lot and can read plays but with no support it’s useless.

Politano – 8 He had some great plays and works hard, his crosses weren’t that great but he gave defenders a hard time.

Joao Mario – 5 Had some times you thought maybe but just disappointed.

Perisic – 4.5 His form has dropped dramatically and you can see that with Icardi performance.

Icardi – 4.5 He isn’t a player to work hard, tracking back and helping. He is a poacher. That’s why we need a Martinez to help him like Eto did with Milito.

The subs Radja 4, Lautaro 7, Borja 5.

Spalletti 4. We need to work on your passing and plays. We’ve become to predictable when we play this slow game.. Spalletti needs to wake up or Mourinho is looking for a job.