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Inter – Roma Player Ratings


After an entertaining match between Inter – Roma at the San Siro, we’ve got the Inter player ratings for you! Inter remain in third place with 61 points, 5 ahead of city rivals who are behind in fourth place.

Do you agree with these ratings, why or why not? Who was your “Man of The Match”?

Handanovic – 7 – It’s clear that Handanovic is only beaten on world class goals. That continued today. Other than that, made the necessary saves to keep us in the game.

D’Ambrosio – 7.4 – Classic D’Ambrosio. Once again shows us the reason we all cheer for this guy. He gets beat by El Sharaawy, comes back and puts in a killer assist for Perisic. Business as usual.

Skriniar – 6.8 – As per usual, holding it down in the back.

De Vrij – 6.8 – Like Skriniar, no games played, just a committed effort to keep Inter in there.

Asamoah – 7.5 – Up and down the left side all game and then showing off a piece of skill. Didn’t hurt us, yet, doesn’t give us anything to cheer for.

Valero – 7 – We begin to wonder how he lasts so long in the game. Clearly can’t be a difference maker for Inter

Vecino – 6.1 – To sum up Vecino, he was okay. He had a chance from 2 yards away off a Politano rebound and the ball managed to go over the goal.

Nainggolan – 4 – Almost broke N’Zonzi’s ankle while shooting, that’s about all I can say about this game. Looked lost and made no impact. Very poor from ninja.

Perisic – 7.3 – An excellent, hidden run in behind the defense opened up a perfect header for a goal. Has been scoring as of late. Needs to continue this good run of form.

Politano – 7.4 – As always, everything is there except for the last pass or shot. He was our focal point in the attack more often than not and created numerous opportunities on goal whether a shot or dangerous cross.

Martinez – 6.7 – good movement off the ball, had a couple of half chances that could have been finished but no complaints.

Icardi – 5.6 – Came on to not make a difference.

Joao Mario – 4 – Came on and lost the ball 7 times. 50% pass accuracy. Very sluggish and weird.

Keita – N/A – Not enough time to make a difference. Got a foul and tried to dribble to make an impact.