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Inter Roll Past Spezia!

Lautaro - Spezia
Lautaro - Spezia

A comfortable 3-1 victory in the end to Inter over Spezia. Brozovic starring in the midfield where he scored his first goal of the season.

This was a danger match for the Nerazzurri as Spezia has caused some upsets this season. The preparation from Inzaghi was perfect as the team was equipped with the right mentality.

Let’s look further into the game itself.

Striker headache – 

Luckily for Inter, a midfielder scored the first goal as our starting forwards contributed very little to the end result.

In a match where both Dzeko and Correa were subbed off at the 60th minute, the replacements made their mark. Sanchez and Lautaro came on and played superbly for the last 30 minutes.

Both strikers got their much needed goals, and Lautaro also picked up an assist too. It was just a completely different game as the Argentine and Chilean looked to be playing at a different level than the players they subbed in for.

Now, we ask the question. Who starts against Milan in the Coppa? Do we play Lautaro and Sanchez as they seemed to have some magical chemistry to end the Spezia match? Or does Inzaghi go with his trusted Dzeko and Lautaro which has not worked all season?

It’s a good headache to have, as all four forwards are fit to play and hopefully shouldn’t be too tired.

Man of the Match –

For me, it’s one from left field but Danilo D’Ambrosio was the standout today. His assist in the first half for Brozovic was sensational.

The fact that D’Ambrosio was up that high on the pitch in the first place is remarkable. The second part where he was smart enough to head the ball into space where Brozovic was able to lineup a shot unmarked was spectacular.

There were so many positives for Danilo today and his nickname of Mister Fix It continues to be true. I guarantee there isn’t a position on the field which D’Ambrosio would not do his job in.

In the back three, Danilo stopped many Spezia opportunities from eventuating as his positioning was first class. His movement off the ball was also great as many attacking situations of Inter wouldn’t have been possible if not for D’Ambrosio’s runs.

A real leader in the dressing room we’ve been told too. This is exactly the type of players who don’t get praise but are one of the main reasons why Inter is so successful.

Table pressure –

The more weeks that go by, and the more wins Inter have then it will be very difficult for our competition at the top of the ladder to keep up. It really is an advantage for Inter to play first in the weekend especially when the result is a win.

As we know, this Inter team are the best team in Serie A. It may be bias from myself, but we should really be finishing the season as winners. I think Inter can win every match until the end of the season, where I don’t see either Milan or Napoli having the ability to do the same.

In saying that, Milan continue to win as they also had a 2-0 win over Genoa. As long as they stay on top of Inter, they’ll feel the title is in their grasp. Even if Inter still have a game in hand, it only matters if Inter are able to win that said game.

We (Inter) just need to keep taking it one match at a time, as our next fixture against Roma will be the hardest one to finish the season.

Where to next?

We are back in the Coppa Italia for the second leg of the semi final against Milan. I really hope that no momentum is lost in the league no matter the result in this match.

Prediction: 1-1

As always, Forza Inter!

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