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Qualifying for the quarters of the UCL can bring in around 70 million for Inter

Calcio e Finanza says success at the Champions League Round of 16 could boost an already generous bonus for the Nerazzurri.


How much would the passage to the Champions League quarter-finals be worth for Inter? Considering the available data at hand, Calcio e Finanza (CF) analyzed the possible revenues of the Nerazzurri. Starting from the collection base already pocketed by the clubs, Il Biscione earned a participation bonus of 15.64 million, revenues from their historical ranking (almost 16 million) and the first part of the market pool, which for Inter (second place in last season’s Serie A) is 6 million euros. Add to these figures bonuses for the group stage results of the tournament (over 10 million for Inter) and the second part of the market pool, based on the number of matches played in the 2022/23 Champions League.

“At the present time, considering the results bonuses, the redistributed odds for draws and the bonus for qualifying for the round of 16, Inter take home almost 58 million euros,” CF explains. “However, if Inzaghi’s team were to beat Porto in the round of 16 and reach the quarter-finals, the figure would rise to over 68.5 million euros (not counting any possible fine for violations of Financial Fair Play).” All this without any further home games, which with considering their splendid form at theĀ  Meazza, could even give the club a new box office record, according to CF.