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Inter – Liverpool: Barella Misses both legs


Inter Milan will not be playing either leg with number 23, Nicolo Barella. After picking up an automatic one-match-ban against Real Madrid, UEFA have prolonged said punishment to two games. Therefore Barella will be out for both legs of Inter – Liverpool.

From Failure to the Round of 16

The Crime

Inter Milan’s Midfielder reacts angrily against Eder Militao by throwing a punch off target. After a short lived yet intense clarification between the two sides the Galactico defender gets a yellow card and Barella a red card.

The Punishment

A one match ban was obvious given the red card, but a special UEFA committee has decided to prolong that to a second game. The reason is that they believe there was a violent sentiment behind Barella’s actions.

On February the 16th Inter Milan will host Liverpool at San Siro. On March the 6th the Nerazzuri will have their go at Anfield. In both cases a crucial team component will be missed. Who will Inzaghi start in his place?

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