Home Analysis Inter lifts trophy with incredible Serie A statistic!

Inter lifts trophy with incredible Serie A statistic!

Serie A Champions smash Udinese

After smashing Udinese 5-1, Inter have now finished the season beating the other 19 teams in the league at least once during the campaign.

It was a day for major celebration as Inter won their first title in over 10 years. There were fans partying in the stands as Inter demolished Udinese.

Plenty of goals, plenty of smiles and zero pressure on the field.

Let’s look a bit further into some key points from the Udinese match.

Fantastic way to end –

Scoring 5 goals on the final match day of the season was the perfect way to end. I actually predicted a 5-0 score-line, so thank you Eriksen for raising your arm in the box!

All jokes aside, it was a day to treasure. Watching those players out there on the field just having fun. It had the feeling of a training match, that’s how laid back the players were.

If only they always played with this attitude, as there was some real confidence being shown out there on the field. Conte would’ve really been impressed with what he saw, and honestly he is to thank for this huge season we had.

Although, that’s the end of the season and now the party begins!

Special mention – 

His Inter career and maybe footballing career has taken a complete U-turn since Christmas. The latest Serie A Champion, Christian Eriksen had a fantastic match against Udinese.

After being subbed on for a disappointing Sensi in this match, Eriksen had a free-kick and took his chance from his first major involvement.

The rest of the match, Eriksen was very impressive too. Creating chances on the go and being the boss of the midfield. It was actually great to see how he played with Vecino, as they really gelled well together.

I think it’s safe to say that Eriksen is finally accustomed to Italian football!

Well deserved trophy – 

Even though he only played the first half, he was able to lift the trophy at the end of the match. The celebrations began when Samir rose that beautiful cup to the sky, and what a moment it was!

This is Samir’s first career trophy after playing for both Udinese and Inter. A perfect moment to celebrate as I’m sure he would’ve reflected about his past and present in recent times.

Samir has been the backbone of this Inter side for a while now, and whatever happens after this season finishes – We thank you Samir for everything you have done for our beloved club over the years.

If this is the end, then it is a beautiful way to end. A send off like you deserve and have deserved for many years now!

Where to next? 

Well, we party! There is nowhere we need to go and no more games to be played for this season.

We reflect on this lovely season and smile. Why smile? Because we haven’t for the last decade without the feeling of disappointment in our minds! This is our moment to enjoy.

As always, Forza Inter!