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Inter grind out a tough win!


The perfect way to end 2021 as Inter got the job done 1-0 over Torino. This now makes it 7 wins and 6 clean sheets in a row which is magnificent.

It wasn’t the prettiest of performances or most entertaining as a resilient Torino side dug their heals in to keep the scoreline close. It was great to see the team tested and still come away with the win though.

Let’s look further into the match itself.

Key performances –

I’m not going to name a Man of the Match, as I personally thought there were a couple of standouts today.

First being the goal scorer, Denzel Dumfries who is starting to improve as the weeks go by. He is getting himself into the right positions time and time again which he wasn’t doing earlier in the season.

There were silly mistakes which Dumfries was making, but as the weeks have progressed he’s been able to cut them out. It’ll be interesting how he goes once he learns the Italian language properly, as I’m sure at the moment there are some things lost in translation.

Inzaghi is putting more trust in Dumfries, and Dumfries is rewarding Inzaghi for that faith. As we’ve seen, Dumfries has scored 3 goals in the past 4 matches which is impressive.

The second name I have to mention is one of the members of our notorious back three – Alessandro Bastoni. The young Italian is starting to become ruthless in defence as he comfortably shuts down our opponents.

The other side of Bastoni’s game which he showcased today was the attacking side. It’s like Inzaghi has given Bastoni a licence to roam around the field and he’s doing exactly that.

Multiple times today we saw Bastoni advance very high up the pitch. There were opportunities for Bastoni to deliver a good pass to his team mate or even go for goal himself.

Unfortunately he wasn’t able to get his name on the scoresheet, but his time will come in the next few months. I’m sure of it!

Unfinished business –

In a 1-0 win, it’s easy to overlook some key performances as the team got the victory. It would’ve been a different story I’m sure if we lost.

However, praise needs to be given when it’s warranted. Inter have not conceded a goal in their past 6 games. A special mention needs to be given to Handanovic who has copped a lot of criticism throughout the season so far.

We need to realise that Handanovic will be Inter’s keeper for the rest of the season. Maybe we don’t want to, but we must keep our faith in him. Next season is a different story, but his performances this campaign will decide where Inter finishes.

I was watching the coverage during half time today, and I was happy with what I saw. In actual fact, this half time event has been happening regularly for a few weeks now.

While our players are relaxing and listening to Inzaghi in the sheds, Handanovic is out on the pitch running extra goal keeping drills. He’s committed to being the best that he can be, and for that he has my complete support and respect.

Especially when the media is reporting that Inter are signing a new keeper etc. then I’m sure Handanovic has a point to prove. I’m sure in his mind he’s saying, if you want to replace me then that’s your decision but I’ll do my best to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Freedom –

I’m glad Barella was suspended today, as we got to see a different side to Inter. I’m not saying that I don’t want Barella available for selection, as he’s fantastic but the kid needed a break. Although, we have to see what a Barella-less Inter looks like as this will be the case in a couple of months time against Liverpool.

I was impressed with the chemistry between Vidal and Brozovic. Today was one of the more attacking performances from Brozovic as he played a lot higher up the pitch.

This was only possible since Vidal sat deep being more a defensive minded player today. We know that Vidal usually likes to also get forward, but I think he sacrificed himself so Brozovic could really shine.

If this is what we see against Liverpool, then at least I know our best player won’t go missing in the match. He’ll always be involved and every decision will go through Brozovic. I’ve said it time and time again as Brozovic is the engine of this midfield.

Without Brozovic, this Inter team is not playing the same style it is today and I can guarantee that. Even for the goal today, it was Brozovic’s run through the midfield which setup the space for Dzeko. Brozovic’s second run into the box then gave Dumfries the opportunity as Brozovic let the ball run past him.

Where to next?

We relax, we celebrate Christmas and New Years. Hopefully the players do the same as Inter aren’t back in action until January 6th.

We are away to Bologna who just smoked Sassuolo 3-0 away from home. So I don’t think this one will be as easy as we previously would’ve expected as Bologna are now in tenth position.

Prediction: Inter 2-1

As always, Forza Inter!