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Inter drawn into a very open game.

Lautaro Martinez
Atalanta v Inter

In what we all thought would be a feast of goals, has actually turned into a 1-1 draw. A game of minimal chances and definitely a fair result for both teams.

Let’s dive into the result a bit further and breakdown the key points of the match.

Chances rarely seen – 

Before the match started, a spectator would’ve guessed a 4-3 scoreline in a very open match going back and forth. We would see a very open game, but with very minimal chances created.

A very high tempo game with pinpoint defending would’ve been fantastic for both coaches to see. Especially with how many goals each team has conceded over the past month.

For once, Inter would actually take their chance with what came in Inter’s first shot on target. A beautiful cross from Young would see Lautaro fully capitalize on a half chance making it 1-0 to the away side.

A couple of minutes later, Vidal had a chance to double the lead with Inter’s second shot on goal. Unfortunately, Sportiello would make a fine save with the ball at a great height for the keeper and then Barella’s follow up shot forced a corner.

Inter would later concede from an exceptional Miranchuk shot outside the box. Handanovic stood no chance, but to be fair Atalanta shouldn’t have been provided with so much space and time.

The game would end a draw, with Inter being lucky not giving away a penalty late in stoppage time after a D’Ambrosio raised foot. A minute later Inter would have a chance up the other end, but neither team could capitalize properly.

Fatigue taking over – 

If you can remember back a couple of months, we saw an Inter team shining in the Europa League. However, with a short turnaround we would see this same team kick off the Serie A season just more than a month after a disappointing final verse Sevilla.

The schedule to start the season has been absolutely jam packed. Inter has already faced some top oppositions (Lazio, Milan and Atalanta) in Italy, and we are only at matchday 7.

Don’t forget about the Champions League games where Inter have faced the reigning La Liga champions in Real Madrid and the Ukrainian title winners in Shakhtar Donetsk.

Our players look lethargic, injured and completely out on their backsides. With that in mind, this upcoming International Break will definitely be welcomed for Conte’s men.

Hopefully we will see some key players rested, but as we know it’s the greatest honour for players to represent their respective countries.

Referee can’t be blamed for this one –

In what has been a season filled with refereeing errors and blunders, it was a breeze of fresh air for there not to be a bad call go against either team. At times, Doveri would not be tricked into awarding fouls for diving and play was able to continue, which was good to see.

It’s very rare this would ever be written, but the referee Doveri had an overall great game. It seemed that every crucial decision went the right way. A little inconsistent with the yellow cards, but that was the only blemish.

Substitutions not our forte – 

With such strong depth and quality sitting on the bench, it’s very difficult to make a wrong move one would think. Although, Conte consistently seems to change the match for the worse at critical times during games.

We would see a forced change with Vidal replaced for Gagliardini. As soon as this sub was made, we lost all defensive structure and control in the midfield.

Watching Brozovic and Gagliardini in the midfield, each player was stealing space from one another. Then in defence near our box, Gagliardini would slide side to side with zero purpose in his movement. He looked like a lost child in a shopping mall.

Even with top quality replacements with Lukaku and Perisic coming in, there was no balance in the midfield anymore so Atalanta took full control of the match.

Where to next?

As mentioned earlier, the International Break is now upon us. With what will be a well needed rest period, Inter will then resume a fortnight from now at home to Torino.

Early prediction – Inter winning by 3 goals.

Written by Matthew Pickham