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 Just 3 weeks left before the end of this season but still sooooo many Inter Club around the World to interview. This week we had the pleasure to chat with Elvis Arslanovic, founder of the Inter Club Svezia, a fairly new club but in constant growth club. I hope you will enjoy this interview and please share and spread the word to other clubs in case they would like to be part of our next article! atnjuta!!!


When and how was your club created? 

Our club was started in July 2017. It all started with a facebook group, I thought there was no central point for Interisti in sweden to chat and communicate in swedish with each other. So the idea for this was to start a facebook group and begin inviting people and spreading the word. In that way I got to know a fire soul, Eldin Sacirovic, who already had started his own swedish inter news page called, intersverige.se (still active but we are building a new one, interclubsvezia.com) . So we merged together and start working together to a common goal, to create this centralised point for swedish inter fans. The group started to grow by day one actually, me and Eldin spread the word all over various forums in sweden, and the page grew by 10 people every day, and in a month or two we managed to scrap together 900 people to our group. This is when i got the idea to start the only inter club in sweden. I gathered a few people i believed in and trusted that they had the motivation and will to work with this project 110%. We got together on a coffee in Malmö, Me (Elvis Arslanovic), Eldin Sacirevic, Binan Al-attar, Dino Bilanovic and Edin Kasum. And from that day in July 2017, we started what is now, Inter Club Svezia.

How many members did you have at the beginning? and How many do you have now?

First year as official club we had around 100 members. We started immediately to make various events, physically and online. We had some trips to Milano together with the members, and this is our second year and we should be around 210 members.

How often do you meet up and where?

We are spread all over the country , from the most sout point of sweden to the most north point of sweden. We do try to arrange match-events in the citys where we do have alot of members.

How often do you go to San Siro (as a club)?

We try to have game events to San Siro, at least 2-3 times a year, but next year i think we will try to do it more frequently. We where there on the derby, and we are doing it against Juventus in april too.

How old is your youngest member? The oldest?

The oldest is 50 i believe and the youngest a couple of months ( we actually have 3 members under 1yr).
how is Inter considered in your country? Is there a preference with other leagues/ teams in general?
Well i would say that in Sweden premier leauge has the strongest fanbase, then there are alot af Juve/Ronaldo fans and Milan also!

Do you have any particular story you would like to share?

We do have a lot of storys but for me personally is the memory of the last derby, i got to the privilege to be one of the flag-waving guys on the pitch. I really cant describe the feeling standing on the grass, by these commercial things and waving the inter flag in front of a full stadium singing, c’e solo inter. Im getting goosebumps just thinking about it. I remember waving the flag with one arm and trying to catch the moment with my phone with the other, the sprinklers was splashing in my face, but who cares, i was there, by the pitch and players, singing our anthem with 80.000 fans! The most fresh memory is our meet and greet with Marco Materazzi, we got a 2 hour sit down with a true legend, asking questions, eating and just relaxing with him. He is such a great guy!

What represents Inter for you?

For me, or for us, Inter represents brother/sisterhood, respect for other humans no mater what race, color or gender they are.

Is there a particular player linked to your club or that you would like to have as a guest?

There is no particular player linked to our club but we would love to meet Zanetti or maybe Milito!

Are you linked with any other Inter Club or would you like to?

We do have contact with Inter Club Norvegia!

Is there any special tradition within the club?

No particular except the standard meet together for a panini and birra outside the stadium!

What’s the craziest thing a member of your club did for an Inter game?

Wow, our members are such pazza fans, i cant give you the details, it stays in the club 😉

Is there any player from your country that you would like to see at inter?

At the moment not really. We already had Zlatan and Nacka!
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