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Inter Clubs Worldwide – Special Edition Icardi-Spalletti

Via Inter.it/Zenit.ru

This is a special edition of our weekly appointment with the Inter clubs around the World. We will not meet a new club this time but instead we will find out what different club presidents or rappresentative spread in different country think about the main two topics of this current season. I asked two simple questions:

– What do you think of the Icardi Situation?

– Would you still like to have Spalletti as coach for next season?

these are the answers that I gathered so far:

Martin Garay, founder Inter Club Argentina:

Personally I think in these cases always the blame is shared, and I’m sure there are a lot of facts we don’t know to judge this properly so I will speak about what we know for sure. I think Mauro was wrong at letting his wife say all the things she said, and they’ve had many childish and arrogant attitudes mostly on TV and the social media. On the other hand they said they felt offended by the way “the club” managed this situation too, and I think Mauro isn’t lying when he say he truly loves our club because of the evidence he gave in the past. A couple of days ago Icardi “liked” a Cancelo’s photo with his teammates celebrating a victory and IMO this was the most disappointing thing he could do, even more in middle of this delicate situation. So since then I don’t know if this can be fixed, I think not and I think he shall be sold at the end of the season. The best output I can think of right now is: he makes peace with the club and return to the fields making a lot of goals in order to be sold at a fair price. Just one more thing, my point of view was widely criticized for a lot of club members, we were just a few people that thought Icardi deserved another chance for all he gave to us, but after that “like” on facebook I don’t know if there is anyone left on his side to be honest, maybe I’m still angry but that’s the way I feel right now.

I like Spalletti, I esteem him and would love to see him winning everything with us but I think he is not among the best world class managers out there and I think we are close to the point of need of one of those. If Spalletti were replaced (for let’s say, Mou, or Simeone) at the end of the season (and we classified for the UCL of course) I think he will be remembered as a hero, as the manager that took us off the swamp, the tiffosi will remember him with very much affection. If he instead continues on the bench for another season or we don’t reach the 4th place, he will be veeeeery criticized by a lot of fans.

Unno shun, Inter Club Giappone:
It’s awful, but It may be his wife that is bad. I think Spalletti should leave, I’d like Allegri instead.
Karim Dwair, president Inter Club Syria:
About the Icardi situation, I’m depressed right now, Inter and Icardi are going through an unknown way… I’m not loosing a scorer like Icardi, but he must show all the respect for Inter, as Inter is bigger than any player. I wish everything will be good in the next days.
For Spalletti, sure I would not like to see him as coach for next season, this is the best he can give us and Inter now need a better coach. I prefer Jose Mourinho or Diego Simeone. 

Raffaele Pepe, presiden Inter Club Dublin:

We think that Icardi is a great striker but that Inter is more important than any player. We hope that Icardi will keep playing for Inter for many years,or at least until June, scoring the goals that we need to qualify for Champions League; in June we could eventually sell him but not to Juventus or any other Italian team.

We are very divided about Spalletti, some of us would like him to stay others to leave. If we will qualify to CL, he should stay even because we don’t see many good coaches available on the market. We don’t want Antonio Conte and Mourinho left such a great memory that it would be better not to come back.
Mohamad Abou Merhi, founder Inter Club Lebanon:
Icardi’s situation is more complicated than we think. The true case is that no one really know the main problem. All what we know is what we read from the media. If we go back 3 seasons we can see that Icardi always had problems with the fans and his teammates. Every transfer window we stay worried about his renewal, his salary and for sure Wanda’s  statements.
No one can deny what Icardi did for the club in the past 6 seasons, scoring 120 goals but at the same time you can’t act like this, with the club and fans who believed in you and made you their captain. We have to wait and see what will happen but I think he will leave, he can’t stay having this kind of behavior.
Vito Renda, consigliere Inter Club Toronto Peppino Prisco:
In regards to the Icardi situation, Inter needs him and his goals.  There are a lot of mixed reviews on his tenure of captaincy….it’s either you love him or you hate him.  If his situation doesn’t get resolved Inter will continue to suffer and the fans will suffer more.
As for Spaletti, I feel Inter has improved under his coaching style…and he needs more time to get better results.  Replacing him would not be a good solution and its hard on the team changing coaches so soon.  Inter returned to the European stage after a long absence and that is an accomplishment to be acknowledged.
Ian Kerr, founder Inter Club Belfast:
My thoughts are that the club are sick to death of his wife/agent bringing the club into disrepute with her unprofessional behaviour. She attacked team mates and the team evidently had a problem with that and told mauro of their unhappiness. But instead of manning up and telling his agent to stop the inter chatter, he says nothing. The club had no choice but to strip him of the captaincy for the good of the group. And now he has decided to fake a knee injury. An injury he reportedly wants surgery for despite inter doctors stating that nothing has changed from his last scan in pre season. I’m so done with the icardrama. Get rid in summer!
My thoughts are that he will probably leave in the summer. I don’t think he can take us any further unfortunately so i would agree although we need to be proactive here and have a plan of who we want going forward. The first person I think should be out is Piero Ausilio.

Ivan Ivanov, founder Inter club Bulgaria:

I am a 100% Icardi. 101% even. In my opinion, Icardi is the best central striker in the world and that’s all I care. I do not care if he’s a good guy or not. I do not care if his wife is a porn star or a football agent or a social media user/spamer. I do not care about Maxi Lopez and his feelings of a wounded man. I believe that the club, represented by Marotta and Spalletti, humiliated the captain of the team completely undeservedly. Of course, the behavior of Wanda Nara is absurd. She first publishes her bare ass, then she wants more money from Inter?!? WTF? In law, there is a principle that no one can be held responsible for the actions of another person. Icardi is punished for the behavior of his stupid woman, and that is unacceptable. After all, she does her job, no matter how idiotic she behaves and what approach she choses. She wants more money? Oh, what a surprise. Which agent doesn’t? Marotta came, we were 12 points in front of Milan. Two or three months later we are one point behind. -13 points and humiliation of the Captain. So far, this is the merit of this ex-juventino. Let’s not forget the lowered value of Icardi as a footballer. Of course I’m not blind. Icardi’s behavior with regard to his refusal to play is unacceptable. Totally unacceptable, but … Let us not be fooled. Players such as Zaneti, Totti, Giggs and not so many more already do not exist. I have been watching football for nearly 30 years, and I only know one case of such humiliation. Mourinho did so with Pogba. We know where Mou is now, and we know how Pogba plays, don’t we? At the end, I very much hope that this problem will come to an end and that Icardi will renew his contract and receive the salary he deserve. Salary, which now is very low compared to the players of his level. Bonucci receives 7 million euros, and Icardi 4.5 million. This is absurd. Of course, I hope the porn star is no longer his agent. I even hope he gets smarter and divorces her. She’s a real poison. I hope, but I do not believe, unfortunately. History knows no case in which a player to stand against his wife in the name of the club. May this happen for the first time.

Spalletti is a loser. he just celebrated 60 years and my dream is Inter to present him a dismissal. He is a coach who is no longer defined as young and has become a champion once and only with Gazprom’s billions. There is a saying in Bulgaria. Moving a problem from the sick head to the healthy one. Hope you understand the meaning. That’s what Spaleletti did. He and Marotta hide from the World what a poor coach Spalletti is and accused Icardi of the seven mortal sins. What a shame! This is a practice with Spaleletti. He makes scandals with all the stars in the teams he worked in. So it was with Hulk in Zenith, so it was with Totti in Roma, now it is with Icardi in Inter. And everywhere is the same – he earns nothing. Nothing !!! His tactic is always the same. No changes. No! He has only one good quality. Rarely loses derby matches. Hope he did so this week-end. Actually in Serie A for Inter he has only two losses in a derby match. 1 against Orsato last season and 1 against Juve in the current one. But that is not enough. Nainngolan … a very expensive and very troublesome player.  Expensive, but that’s not enough. He gave in return and perhaps the greatest Italian talent. Victimize Icardi, includes Colido in the team, we lose, and he puts Ranocchia as the central striker in the game to equalize the score. OMG, are you an idiot or what??? In fact, many examples can be given. We are all waiting for the return of the one and only Jose Mourinho.

Yacine Kadri, Inter Club Algeria

We think that he doesn’t respect us as a club and as supporters from all around the World even if we understand that he feels himself as underrated by the administration. We wish He was able to deal with the situation in a better way. We don’t talk about Wanda because we care only about our players.

About Spalletti, we respect his work and his contribution for the qualification to the champions league but we can do better with another coach who can read properly the matches, not doing that Valero In – Politano Out,  Santon In – Icardi Out, if you know what I mean!