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New Week, new Inter Club, new continent for us! This is the first time we have the honor to publish an interview from an Asian country and hopefully not the last one! A special Thank You goes to Andrea Trevisi, Vice President of the Inter Club Singapore Board!


When and how was your club created?

Club was created in 2016 by Simone Vespasiani (president and founder) and Francesco Vespasiani, owners of the restaurant “Trattoria Nonna Lina” in Singapore.
Who created the club? What’s your story?
Simone and Francesco Vespasiani created the Club in 2016 with the help of Michele Zanella (press manager). In 2017 Andrea Trevisi (vice president) joined the board. The story is funny: Former president Erick Thohir was having dinner at the restaurant “Trattoria Nonna Lina” and suggested Simone and Francesco to open the Inter Club Singapore since there was no Inter Club in Singapore. In January 2019, 2 new board members have been appointed: Farhan Yusoff and Zhi Wei Wong. They are two local Singaporean guys, very committed to Inter and to the Inter Club Singapore.

How many members did you have at the beginning? and How many do you have now?

At the beginning we had more or less 30 members while now we have almost 70 hard core Inter supporters as members.

How often do you meet up and where?

We don’t meet regularly because the games are normally in the night, but when we can we meet either at the “Trattoria Nonna Lina” or at the Pub “Malthouse”. We also organize events involving the Inter Club Indonesia region Batam and the Inter Club Malaysia.

Usually at what time are Inter games in your country? does that make it difficult to follow the team? 

Usually games are at 3:45am so is quite difficult to follow the games together. When the games are at 6:30pm (12:30pm in Italy) or at 9pm (3pm in Italy) we usually watch the games together.


How often do you go to San Siro (as a club)? 

We are planning it for the future … from Singapore to Milan is quite far.

How old is your youngest member? The oldest?

Youngest Member is 4 years old and the oldest is 60 years old.

What represents Inter for you?

Inter is passion, faith, belonging … Inter is everything.

how is Inter considered in your country? Is there a preference with other leagues/ teams in general?

Singapore has a massive audience for the English Premier League. Inter (as happens to the other teams in the Serie A) does not have much consideration. But we want to change the trend.


Is there a particular player linked to your club or that you would like to have as a guest?

We really would love to have as a guests two players: Nicola Berti and Walter Zenga, 2 really passionate players.

Is there any special tradition within the club?

We are a very young team, for the moment we don’t have special tradition, but we enjoy a lot getting together to watch the games or talk about Inter.


Are you linked with any other Inter Club or would you like to?

We are linked with Inter Club Indonesia Batam Region and Inter Club Malaysia.

What’s the craziest thing a member of your club did for an Inter game?

One of our members flew to Europe (from Singapore) to watch the Italian Sub 21 team in Switzerland only to watch Gagliardini playing live … really crazy.

Is there any player from your country that you would like to see at inter?

Well, in the board we are all Italians … so I would say that we all want Barella to Inter in the next season.