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After the amazing victory in the Milan Derby, we want to celebrate traveling all the way to the new continent, across the ocean and right to the center of the two Americas, in the most populated country in Central America: Guatemala!

We had a nice chat with Jose Salazar, co-founder and current President of the Inter Club Guatemala, and I was in shock when I saw the video of our legendary VP Javier Zanetti at their club! Check out the video in the article and discover a new and vibrant part of our Neroazzurra family! And what better opportunity to point out that now our website is available also in Spanish and Italian! We are still working on our translation and we are always looking for new writers, no matter what language you speak! As our Inter founders wrote:

This wonderful night bestows us with the colours of our crest: black and azure against a gilded backdrop of stars. It shall be called International, because we are Brothers of the World.” — 9 March 1908, Milan

When and how was your club created?

Our club was officially created in October 2016. Rodrigo Higueros, vice president of the club, and I had a time to be friends and share the passion for Inter. We decided to create a facebook page and search among our friends for more interistas, which led to the creation of our community.
Who created the club? What’s your story?
Rodrigo had known Fernando Castillo for some time, known for his fanaticism for the Nerazzurri, who in turn met many other interistas in the country, especially in the capital. We have told Fernando the plans to create an Inter Club and that is how the 3 of us decided to look for Inter fans in the country to create our club.

How many members did you have at the beginning? and How many do you have now?

In our first season as Inter Club we were 35 members. Today, 60 official members make up our club. We know that there are many more in the country, we hope that they will soon be able to join us.

How often do you meet up and where?

As in our country much of the concentration of the population occurs in the capital, it has facilitated us to be able to hold meetings to live together the Inter matches. We try to hold meetings in important matches and in matches that remain in an ideal time for assistance. In the current season we have a total of 9 meetings. We have made agreements with a couple of restaurants to receive us and allow us to see the games in special places.

Usually at what time are Inter games in your country? does that make it difficult to follow the team? 

Usually the games are at 1:30 P.M. or 12:30 P.M. that schedule has allowed us to handle many meetings during these seasons. The most difficult schedule that we have had is at 4:30 A.M.

How often do you go to San Siro (as a club)? 

For the distance of the countries it has not been possible for us to make a trip as a club to the stadium. However, we have an average of 4 games per season at San Siro from different members of our club.

How old is your youngest member? The oldest?

Our youngest member is 9 years old and our oldest member is 68.

What represents Inter for you?

Inter for me represents brotherhood. It is amazing to know how many people around the world can live an immense passion for Inter and that regardless of frontiers we all form a community full of friendship, passion and different values aligned to what the founders of the team sought from the beginning.

Do you have any particular story you would like to share?
Among the best stories we can highlight the visits of Álvaro Recoba and then Javier Zanetti. Recoba visited our country due to his participation in the World Cup of football 7 that would be in Guatemala, assigning a day to receive us and talk for almost 4 hours with him. A month later we had the visit of the great legend Zanetti, who participated in a private event in the country and assigned us one night to visit the club and live a few hours together.

how is Inter considered in your country? Is there a preference with other leagues/ teams in general?

I think that at the global level, the media presence of Real Madrid or Barcelona is far superior to the rest of the teams. The competitiveness of the English league has also attracted much attention to the viewers of the country. However, this has not eclipsed the consideration of Inter as a great and historic team in Europe.

Is there a particular player linked to your club or that you would like to have as a guest?

Fortunately we had the visit of two former players. We hope in time to have more visits from old or current players.

Is there any special tradition within the club?

Every October we celebrate our anniversary as Inter Club.

Are you linked with any other Inter Club or would you like to?

Latin American clubs are very united. We have a small association called Inter Club Latin America, in which we make joint decisions to carry the same guidelines among our clubs. This association is represented by Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Panama. Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, Chile and Argentina. We also try to support people from other countries to form their clubs, among which we hope that next year they will join us: El Salvador, Paraguay and Uruguay; We want the Inter community in the continent to continue growing.

What’s the craziest thing a member of your club did for an Inter game?

Taking off his shirt in a restaurant celebrating a victory against Milan.

Is there any player from your country that you would like to see at inter?

Unfortunately Guatemala has not had many players that stand out in the foreigner. Today it would be very difficult to mention someone who can leave the country and reach a team as big as Inter.