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Happy Easter everybody! So, apparently we don’t have an Inter Club in Rapa Nui (Easter Island) yet, but we will hear soon from our Chilean representative and we’ll keep you posted on that! 🙂 In the meanwhile, enjoy our little chat with Edgar Petrosyan, president of the Inter Club Armenia! Vayelel! (I’m sorry for my Armenian!)


When and how was your club created?

The idea to create Inter Club Armenia came to us late in 2016 ad we immediately applied for it. It took us about 2 weeks to get all papers signed and membership payment sent to Inter Club HQ. And then official article was published on inter.it on 02 Feb 2017. We are first official Inter Club in Armenia. InterclubArmenia9
Who created the club? What’s your story?
There are several guys, mainly Inter Club Board members, who decided to create it. The story is that we just wanted to feel ourselves as a part of big and international world of Inter.

How many members did you have at the beginning? and How many do you have now?

We started with 25 members but didn’t increase much in numbers. We are only 27 now, but with a big hope to increase soon. There are still some Inter supporters in Armenia who are not part of our club, but they join us for our events.

How often do you meet up and where?

We try to meet at least once or twice in a month to watch Inter match, have some fun and share our ideas. Matches start really late here (mainly 23:30) and it’s hard for members to be back at home at 2am and then go to work next day.


How often do you go to San Siro (as a club)? 

We yet to go there for the first time, though I have been in Inter Club HQ last March and we have discussed the possibility of our first ever visit as a club.


How old is your youngest member? The oldest?

Our youngest registered member just turned 16 and oldest member is 43.

What represents Inter for you?

First of all, it’s PASSION for our beloved club and the game, it’s real love towards Inter colors and symbols!

how is Inter considered in your country? Is there a preference with other leagues/ teams in general?

There are some other clubs with bigger amount of fans (Barcelona, Real, Juve). But we are first ever official club

Is there a particular player linked to your club or that you would like to have as a guest?

No, there’s no any player linked to our club, but we would like to have many of them as a guest. We will try to catch Yuri Djorkaeff when he visits Armenia next time. As you might know he has Armenian roots and visits Motherland very often.

Is there any special tradition within the club?

There’s no particular tradition in the club, as we are very young as an organization. But we used to watch last season Derby (3:2 with Icardi’s hat-trick) together with AC Milan’s Armenian fans and it was a nice and funny experience, which could become a tradition. Would be great if we can win every derby, if so. 

Are you linked with any other Inter Club or would you like to?

Yes, we are cooperating with Inter Club Toronto Peppino Prisco and have one of their board members visited us last summer! We are planning to cooperate with other ICs, who are situated close to us geographically – newly established Inter Club in Georgia, Inter Supporters in Iran. But we are open to meet and greet Inter brotherhood from all over the black and blue world! We ask and advise every Inter Club member all over the world, who visits Armenia for leisure or business to get in touch with us and join our events!

What’s the craziest thing a member of your club did for an Inter game?

One of our members preferred to watch Inter – Milan derby with us in pub instead of going to his brother’s wedding party!

Is there any player from your country that you would like to see at inter?

Henrikh Mkhitaryan

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/InterClubArmenia/