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Inter Celebrate Last Second Winner!

Inter Lecce

Inter have opened up with a win in the first match of the season after goals from Lukaku and Dumfries helped secure 3 points.

In a match that was anything but pretty, the end result is all that matters for now. The season is long and winding, so let’s hope this style of play is not a trend that continues into the future.

Let’s look further into the match itself.

Man of the Match –

In a short cameo, it’s hard to go past the match winner. Denzel Dumfries was superb after his injection into the match in the 68th minute.

It came as a surprise for many Interisti to hear that Dumfries would be starting from the bench. Especially being the first match of the season and we’ve heard all preseason that he will be the number one choice right wingback.

Once Dumfries hit the pitch he was dynamite. A very difficult proposition for the opposition to handle as he almost assisted on a couple of occasions and also went close to scoring as he hit the post from a lovely aerial attempt.

With only a minute remaining, Inter were awarded a corner. Barella stepped up and played the set piece into the center of the box. A misguided header from Lautaro which would’ve glazed past the back post was met by Dumfries with his body.

Finally, with only seconds left in stoppage time Dumfries would grab his goal and what would be the winner for Inter. The ball would make it’s way into the back of the net, and Inter would celebrate. A VAR check for both handball and offside was cleared, as Dumfries became the hero.

The most memorable way to start the season, and only upwards from here. With a starting position, Dumfries will add more punch in games to come.

Welcome back!

Although it wasn’t the greatest game from Romelu, I’m glad he’s back in our colours. With a goal within 90 seconds, it was a stunning way to return to Inter.

The right place at the right time as a lovely header from Darmian across goal made it’s way to Lukaku. Within seconds the ball was in the mouth of the goal and it was 1-0 to Inter.

I think it’ll take a little bit of time for Lukaku to adjust. As there were situations where he looked a little out of sync with his team mates.

I’m sure as the season goes by, his touch will improve and so will his chemistry within the squad. We should expect a big season from Lukaku and many many more goals to come.

It was pleasing to see his high fitness levels as he ran non-stop for the full 90 minutes. Even in situations where he made a mistake, he chased the ball down so his attitude is definitely positive right now.

Lucky.. for VAR and the referee!

I don’t like blaming referees but in situations like today it has to be mentioned. The referee was completely oblivious in certain scenarios. Bookings being completely wrong, calling fouls when there was nothing and letting the game nearly escalate out of control.

There should have been a red card shown to Lecce player Baschirotto for a sickening tackle on Lautaro. A studs up challenge completely missing the ball, which caused nothing but harm. It was a reckless foul and VAR should’ve intervened to change the booking from a yellow to a red.

Only moments later, a hard 50/50 challenge from Lautaro had a Lecce player limping away. It was moments of madness caused by the referee as the wrong decision was initially made which added fuel on the fire.

We know that if Lecce had gone down to 10 men with a 1-0 score line against them, it was game over. However, Lecce would remain with their full compliment on the pitch and continue to be competitive for the rest of the match.

Later in the match, Brozovic should not have been booked, same with Colombo from Lecce as these seemed like knee jerk reactions from the referee.

Although this is Alessandro Prontera’s fourth season as a referee in Serie A, it’s only his second match in charge with Inter playing. A completely different beast when it’s one of the best teams in Italy so you’ll be forced to make important decisions.

I really hope we don’t come across incompetent referees like today for the rest of the season. Rookies referees make rookie decisions!

Where to next?

Inter will have their first home match of the season as we host Spezia at San Siro. Being so early in the season, we need to continue with 3 points every match.

Prediction: Inter 4-0

As always, Forza Inter!

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