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Inter book Coppa Italia showdown with Milan

Inter beat Fiorentina to secure a clash with Milan.

Inter have beaten Fiorentina 2-1 in extra time to secure their place in the Coppa Italia quarters. This will see Inter will now face Milan in an absolutely mouthwatering clash.

The match with Fiorentina was made tough for Inter, as the Nerazzurri attack struggled to finish any simple chances. This has been the case for most of the season to this date.

Let’s look a bit further into some key points from the match.

What a GEM!

Two words – Nicolo Barella.

We could talk all day about how much we all love this guy, but his passion and work ethic constantly lets his actions do the talking.

Once Barella came on the field, we saw a completely different Inter. A more positive Inter. A lot more confident Inter. The assist for Lukaku was absolute perfection, and it was fantastic to see these two players link.

We can be sure that Barella needs a much needed rest, but let’s hope our energizer bunny’s batteries last until the end of his Inter’s career.

Can’t wait for Vecino to be available – 

If 90% of inter supporters can see this, why can’t Conte? Whenever Roberto Gagliardini is on the field, Inter play like a Serie B team. We just can’t understand the infatuation Conte has with Gagliardini, and it’s annoying.

It’s like watching Bambi on ice, with legs flying in every direction and zero control on the ball. I’ll be honest, Vecino isn’t a superstar, but at least he can finish chances and is actually a very decent squad player.

Vecino back in the mix will allow for Inter to use some much better squad rotation. Can only be a positive thing for the team as a whole.

Did he really play that well?

Eriksen took his place in the starting lineup in a much deeper position on the pitch. Did this suit Eriksen’s style of play though? Was he the same beast we saw at Tottenham? I don’t believe he was anything special.

All Inter supporters want Eriksen to succeed, and the injury to Sensi may force Conte to keep Eriksen for a little bit longer. With no reinforcements coming in the January transfer window, Conte will have to make this work in some form.

Where to next?

Inter now head home to face Juventus on Sunday night. This match defines Inter’s season, and is a critical marker to find out if Inter has what it takes to win the league.

Antonio Conte, this is what you have been paid 12 million Euros a season to do, you need to win this match!


Written by Matthew Pickham