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Inter absolutely useless in every aspect!

Inter Sassuolo
Inter lose at home to Sassuolo 2-0.

Inter were completely outplayed in the first half, and then very frustrating to watch in the second half. The final score 2-0 to Sassuolo.

The team looked gassed and it really looks like the schedule is taking it’s toll on the team. It was also a match where it could’ve been more of a lead to Sassuolo in the first half, as they missed some golden opportunities.

Let’s look further into the game itself.

Lost our mojo –

It’s been a tough start to the year 2022 versing the likes of Juventus, Lazio, Atalanta, Milan, Napoli and Liverpool. I can comfortably say that in the majority of those matches, we haven’t looked like the same team seen in December.

It’s been a struggle for a little while now, and against Sassuolo there was zero to indicate that something good is on the horizon.

It’s going to be a tough few weeks where I don’t expect any beautiful football to be played. We need to bounce back quickly against Genoa this week, otherwise the slump will be in full force.

The likes of Barella, Lautaro, Handanovic and De Vrij all need to perform better. The level they are currently at is not up to the personal standards they set for themselves. I think confidence is missing in the squad, so a clean sheet and lots of goals is just what the doctor prescribed.

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Above: Highlights above from the match against Sassuolo.

Depth is an issue – 

We have a big problem and it was brought to the forefront today. No Brozovic in the midfield means that everyone has to pick up the slack, and we just aren’t ready for that.

The amount of mileage Brozovic runs up is something to behold, and today against Sassuolo Barella struggled to imitate. Same with Gagliardini who just looked lost on the pitch which is very worrying.

We would’ve seen Vidal from the start if not for the Liverpool fixture midweek. It’s crazy what the loss of Sensi and no replacement midfielder has done to the balance of this team.

Although Sensi rarely played under Inzaghi, with Conte we saw the best of Sensi near the end of last season. A real secret weapon which I think Inzaghi should’ve kept to use at the right time.

Unfortunately the midfield today just looked spent, which is strange since Barella has had plenty of rest along with Gagliardini. I’m not sure if it was just the tempo of the match took them by surprise, but there are issues which Inzaghi will need to address.

Where to next?

Inter head to Genoa where a win is a must. There are no ifs or buts about it, the 3 points is the only result which is satisfactory.

Prediction: Inter 2-0

As always, Forza Inter!

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