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Injury report: Icardi, Nainggolan and De Vrij situations

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During an Inter medical meeting at San Siro, Inter’s social doctor Piero Volpi spoke about the current medical situation of De Vrij, Icardi and Nainggolan.

During these 35 days of Mauro Icardi, did you need your experience in the locker room to understand the motivations and the recovery of the player?

“Surely. The experience is very useful, you need all the experiences you get as a footballer, manager and doctor. Going forward over the years you acquire more skills, you have much more experience and you put them at the service of the problems that occur day after day. It takes skill, knowledge and patience to try to do this job in the best possible way”.

Would you like to explain Icardi’s problem, the programme put in place and how Icardi is doing compared to a week ago?

“Let’s start from the end: he’s now much better, he can do a complete activity by training with the group and partially individually. He has not participated in 30-35 days of training with the group and must regain the fitness necessary. If this program is completed in the next few days, he can rejoin the group.”

Is it possible that he will be called up for the Lazio game?

“That’s a difficult question to which I can’t give a straight up answer. There are possibilities, we’ll see; if everything runs smoothly during the week there are possibilities. But it will no longer depend only on me but also on the athletic and technical evaluations that the staff will have to make.”

Is there any news about De Vrij? How is Nainggolan?

“For De Vrij we have news of fatigue but the doctor of the Dutch national team has immediately informed us and it does not seem to be anything serious. Nainggolan is proceeding in his recovery along the lines of Icardi; he is completing mixed work and when it is ready we will make him available to the club; we will see next week if he is ready.”

But at the moment how high is the possibility that Nainggolan will be there for the Lazio game?

“He’s improving, he’s already doing some field work. We’ll see if he’s ready to come back in the group or if we have to wait a few more days. But he’s at a very advanced stage, then to say if he’ll be called with Lazio it’s too early, give us a few more days”.

Source: fcinternews.it