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Individual mistakes ‘two’ costly

Lautaro - Inter
Inter cost themselves the match in a 2-1 loss to Juventus.

In a match filled with mistakes, Inter would shoot themselves in the foot. Inter handed Juventus two goals on a silver platter, which ultimately cost Inter the match.

A soft penalty where the ball was crossed at skyscraper height, and Young would commit a stupid unwarranted foul. The second was a major mix up at the back which lead to Ronaldo pouncing on a free ball and open goal.

A couple of brain explosions and Inter never recovered. The final score 2-1, but positives can be taken from the match.

Let’s just a bit further into some key points from the match.

Can’t blame Conte – 

For the second time this season, Inter’s tactics against Juventus were perfect. Conte could have no issues with the effort from a team perspective. Although, a couple of childish mistakes should have Conte upset.

The better team overall lost this match. At a minimum Inter really deserved a draw, but that’s football. There is still a second leg and Conte will have his men ready.

Bring back the likes of Hakimi and Lukaku, and Conte will be licking his lips.

Confidence is key – 

As said, the scoreboard didn’t reflect the game itself. As an Inter supporter, one of the major positives was a dominant second half. We saw no goals scored, but on another night Sanchez would score and so would Darmian.

So a tasty reverse fixture next week will hopefully bring some different luck. A few players should gain confidence from that match.

Especially Lautaro, as only one goal scoring chance would fall at his feet, but he took the opportunity.

Hopefully some more game time for Eriksen and Sensi this coming weekend, and Inter will have it’s strongest squad to date this season.

A bit of reflection is needed from individuals, but shake it off and make it up to your team-mates is what I would be saying if I was the coach.

Where to next?

A quick turnaround and train to Florence awaits Inter. Only a few days before the next match verse Fiorentina and then a trip to Turin to take on Juventus again.


Written by Matthew Pickham