Home Analysis Inconsistent Inter waste chance to become “Winter Champions”

Inconsistent Inter waste chance to become “Winter Champions”

Inconsistent Inter

A frustrating night in Udine has cost Inter the opportunity to go top of the table. For the first time since July 2020, Inter were kept scoreless in a Serie A match.

Inter’s poor run of form would continue, as Inter have now picked up only five points from a possible twelve in the past four matches. That win against Juventus looks even more important now.

Let’s just into some of the key points from the match.

Wasteful not only in this match –

It’s been the narrative of Inter’s whole season – “Missed chances cost Inter a win”. We’ve seen this in the Champions League and Serie A all season long.

It has to be said that Lautaro is wasting some golden opportunities to put Inter ahead on the scoreboard. Not only in the match against Udinese, but a lot of Inter’s matches so far this season.

We need “El Toro” back, as recently we have seen “El Burro” wear the number 10 jersey for Inter.

It’s hard not to blame them –

In football, every decision a referee makes is crucial. There is no doubting a couple of Udinese players should’ve been red carded in this match. Instead it would be Conte who was sent off for dissent.

It’s hard not to agree with Conte saying “It’s always you, Maresca”, as Inter don’t seem to have the best luck Maresca in charge.

With Udinese players already on yellow cards, there were a couple of challenges which should’ve seen these players booked again. Then, we may have seen a different match and a different score-line.

Where to next?

Inter are back at the San Siro for a showdown against Milan for a blockbuster Coppa Italia fixture. Then, with a strong Inter win we may finally see the wheels for the Milan bus fall off.


Written by Matthew Pickham