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‘I don’t want no mediocre’ – Three papering points


Mediocre, I don’t want no mediocre.

Another mediocre performance from the nerazzurri today. Let’s just say, a few positives came from that match, but overall it was simply not good enough and this victory simply papers over cracks.

Let’s start with captain not so fantastic. Mauro is failing to hit the target way too often now, too many chances are going begging, a player of his worth needs to be finishing them. Now let’s not forget, he has been sensational for us throughout his career at Inter, but, right now, he needs to get back into form. Too much attention had been brought from his off-field drama and he needs to focus back on on-field performances.

With Martinez making an instant impact, credit must be given to Spalletti. He did wait a while to make the substitution, however, it worked and we can’t take that away from him. It was a clinical striker from the Argentine, it just makes me question how he misses from the 6 yard box, yet is able to put that away. Back to Spalletti, having Vecino still starting needs to be questioned. A player who would be lucky enough to be playing for Parma, somehow keeps making the starting lineup, and I just don’t get it.

A positive from Parma was the promising showing by young inter-loanee Bastoni. The 19 year old showed great promise, being able to keep Icardi at bay. A player Inter will most likely sell in the future, because, you know, Inter is Inter and will sell their promising young players to buy some washed up player at the back end of his career. Speaking of washed up players, Nainggolan, had a much better performance, creating opportunities and looked good moving forward. It was a vintage Nainggolan performance, just missing the final shot on goal.

Joao Mario, a player who has always shown promise is continuing to look better with each performance. A player who is gaining confidence with each start is starting to repay Spalletti’s trust in him. Mario showed great promise on the ball, passing and moving forward, however, like the rest of Inter at the moment is lacking that final shot.

With regards to our disallowed goal, I’m not sure what the officals were watching, but to me it hit D’Ambrosio on his big forehead before it deflected off his hand and to me that should have stayed. I mean, he finally did something useful and the officials were heartless enough to take it off him.

Overall, we looked very secure at the back once again, great defending from the blue wall at the back, and it just proved that 1 goal is enough to get the win. Inter are looking very lackluster upfront and need to improve, another solid performance from Perisic. You can just feel that there is something missing, and Inter need to start stepping up, before we come up against stronger opponents and start dropping points and move out of a champions league spot.