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Happy 114th Birthday Inter!

2021 - A Year To Celebrate!

Internazionale Milano (today known as just Inter) was founded on March 9, 1908. We celebrate the history of our club on this special day.

A beautiful piece below from Inter’s website.

Football fans go through so many emotions and experiences when they follow their team: passion, joy, disappointment, loyalty, dreams. But there are some things that truly leave their mark on the Inter faithful.

Whether it’s historic moments for the club, the victories, the most spectacular goals, or the most unexpected… whether it’s what their heroes do on the pitch, the nights waiting for big games, the excitement in the stands… or whether it’s sitting impatiently in front of the TV, or even the radio in times gone by, these are the moments that live on in our memories.

The club is celebrating its 114th birthday today. It all started on 9 March 1908, a defining moment in the club’s history that set out the stall for the values it holds today. And it was people like us who made it happen: young people who started out with a dream that turned into reality. Their play inspired people as they wore the shirt with pride and brought glory to the team.

Since those beginnings, more than a thousand men and women have donned the Inter jersey as players, hailing from more than 50 nations. This unique club truly lives up to its name as an international side.

The club’s history has a dynamic influence on the way it operates today. Many people identify with the Nerazzurri colours and follow the club closely. They are invited to join us on this journey as no one is left behind. Differences are celebrated rather than feared.

Since its inception, the club has welcomed innovation. From the first logo designed by Giorgio Muggiani to our new visual identity, from our first line-up to a modern-day club fused with fashion, design and entertainment, Inter has a long history but remains avant-garde. It is part of the club’s DNA.

The Hall of Fame, introduced in 2018, aims to gather, spread and promote the club’s sporting heritage and to celebrate great players who have worn the Inter jersey. Every year, Nerazzurri fans from all over the world choose four legends to enter this elite group. Their links to Inter are renewed once more, recognising their amazing contributions to the club. Sixteen stars have been inducted so far, showing us all there is to celebrate on this birthday. The 2021 awards ceremony was held only a few days ago at San Siro before Inter v Salernitana.

There has been plenty to celebrate on this 114-year journey, and the club is forging ahead towards new goals, both on and off the pitch.

Happy birthday, Interisti!

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Source: Inter website