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Flashback Friday: A derby to remember!

Inter demolish Milan to win 4-0

Today we will revisiting the delightful derby from the treble winning 2009/10 season. The final score finishing 4-0 in Inter’s favour.

This match was one to remember, especially against our cross city rivals A.C Milan. One of the most perfect of performances from the greatest Inter teams of this century.

Let’s dive into the match a bit further.

Phenomenal team goal –

From the past 20 years, if there is a goal which stands out in my memory… It’s this one!

The play started with Eto’o passing to Zanetti, Zanetti quickly to Motta, Motta one touch flick to Eto’o, Eto’o smartly to Milito and then Milito threads the needle to put Motta in on goal.

An absolutely delicious finish from Motta with the inside of his left foot as the ball flew into the top corner. No chance for the keeper to stop it!

If there is a video to show the next generation what beautiful football looks like, I would choose this 100%. The fluency of passing and player movement in this play makes me miss the Mourinho days when Inter’s matches were a masterpiece to watch.

A player I miss so much –

In the last year, the fans will remember Hakimi who made a menace of himself on the right hand side. For years, there was a void which Inter could never fill because of how great Maicon was.

In this match, Maicon was an absolute terror for Milan to handle. There were some wonderful runs through the midfield which Maicon looked like he had the ball glued to his feet in moments.

Inter’s third goal would come from Maicon magic, where he would cut in from the right and beat a Milan defender in the process. Then a little skip and a pass to Milito, where again Milito would thread the needle to put another player in on goal.

Maicon made no mistake as his finishing ability was definitely a strength of his game. I can just remember the Roberto Scarpini commentary “MAICON E GOL E GOL E GOL”. The passion you hear in the voice as Maicon puts the ball in the bottom corner just makes me smile.

A bomb!

An Inter match wouldn’t be an Inter match without a Deki rocket from distance. Dejan Stankovic was famous for scoring long range goals from Inter, and in this match he delivered big time.

Not much time or space as Deki received a pass from Muntari. Deki takes a touch to control the ball, takes another little touch to get the ball in front of him and then BOOM! Next thing we know, the ball is on it’s way into the top corner and smashing the back of the net.

It was the icing on the cake, and the best of ways to put the final nail in the coffin. A 4-0 victory for Inter was special, because the last time they kept Milan scoreless in a win was 8 years prior to this match. On that occasion back in March 2002, Inter won 1-0.

It was great to reminisce on this match and look back into Inter’s past. We hope you all enjoyed it too!

As always, Forza Inter!