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Feature Piece: Nicolo Barella


At the mere age of 24, Nicolo Barella is setting the footballing world on fire. Barella is quickly becoming Inter’s superstar midfielder.

If he wasn’t world class already, this is the season which stamps Barella’s name as one of the best midfielders in the world. The “Energizer Bunny” as call him, since his movement does not stop for one second of the 90′ minutes.

Let’s look back to where it all began for Inter and Barella.

We found our gem –

In the Summer transfer window of 2019, Barella joined Inter on loan with obligation to buy from Cagliari. With the deal, this would ensure Inter would have the ex Cagliari man until June 30, 2024.

Barella came to Inter having already played for the Italian national team in both youth and senior level. The expectations were high, and Barella has since delivered in every aspect required.

Nicolo Barella is the one of the most promising talents in world football right now. We can thank Ausilio for making this transfer happen, however it’s Nicolo who has taken his football to the next level.

There are many elements to Barella’s game, but his consistency week in week out is really stamping him as an elite player.

When he scores… Wow!

There are players who score easy goals, and then there are players who score CRACKERS!

Barella was quoted saying “Only classy goals! I will learn to score tap-ins”, so he is definitely part of the latter.

If there was a highlight reel for Barella’s Inter goals, you would’ve thought we just picked the best. In time, this will definitely change but for now we just want Barella to keep banging them in.

The goal against Hellas Verona, I could play that over and over and over again, it’s perfect. A dip of the shoulder, play the ball to the side and then smashes it into the top corner.

What a way to get your first career league goal for Inter!

The defining moment for me –

There was a match against Barella’s former club Cagliari, which just seemed like one of those days for Inter. Things weren’t going right and the finishing we’ve come to expect from our strikers just wasn’t there.

Down 1-0, and up steps Barella with the fight back and resurgence.

An extraordinary volley from a corner to put Inter back on level terms. This goal really was against momentum as Inter were struggling. Then an assist for D’Ambrosio at the back post had Inter in front and we couldn’t be caught from there.

It was defining for Barella, but also defining for Conte and Inter. This match was just after knocked out of the Champions League, so we have no idea what a loss there could’ve done.

It may have been the end for Conte, so Barella is definitely one of the reasons we are where we are on the table.

What’s to come for Barella?

2021 will be the year which Barella will remember for the rest of his career. If Inter can keep up current form, it will be his first career title.

Later in the year, the Euro will be played where Barella will feature a big way for Italy. The national team has a lot of great players, but with some fantastic performances from Barella we may see Italy go all the way.

The future is very bright for Barella and staying injury free will be the key. The great ones don’t spend many minutes off the pitch, so longevity will be crucial for us to see the best of Barella in years to come.

Written by Matthew Pickham