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Dzeko saves Inter!


Inter have come from behind to defeat Sassuolo 2-1 away from home. A forgettable first half before Dzeko led Inter to victory.

Luckily the second half was more like the Inter were used to. The display was positive and a great way to go into the international break.

Let’s look a bit further as some key points from the match today.

Game changers –

Some fantastic substitutions from Inzaghi with Inter down 1-0 in the 57th minute. We would see Dzeko come on and straight away level the score in the 58th minute with his first touch of the match.

A pinpoint ball from Perisic with Dzeko heading the ball into the back of the net at the back post. The score now 1-1 with the momentum completely turning around into Inter’s favour.

The other substitutions played incredibly well too and as games go by, we are seeing coaching brilliance from Inzaghi. The likes of Darmian, Vidal and Dimarco came in and put Inter completely on the front font.

It was the first game we would see Skriniar look like an average defender. With Dumfries on the field, Inter were caught multiple times on the counterattack. For Sassuolo, Boga had the game of his life.

On multiple occasions Boga had opportunities to put Sassuolo into to the lead. In the 22nd minute, Skriniar would clumsily trip Boga in the box and Berardi would make no mistake from the penalty spot.

Boga then had a couple of more good chances where Handanovic kept his team in the game with some crucial saves. It wasn’t until Darmian came into the match where cover to Skriniar and the defence was finally provided.

Darmian didn’t make a wrong step as he controlled Boga and shut down any threat from the left. A very underrated performance from Darmian in my eyes as he was crucial to Inter grabbing the 3 points.

Special mention –

If there’s one player who needs a mention, it’s the engine of this Inter side – Marcelo Brozovic. In today’s match, the entire Inter side really struggled in the first half but Brozovic was still giving 100%.

The midfield as a whole looked a little bit off. It wasn’t until Vidal came into the match where the balance seemed to be a lot better in the centre of the pitch. Brozovic looked free and back to his former self from previous matches.

A marvelous pass from Brozovic put Dzeko in behind the line one on one with Consigli. Dzeko was great enough to earn the penalty for Inter which Lautaro made no mistake in putting the Nerazzurri into the lead.

I don’t know if it’s a good thing or bad thing, but Inter are so reliant on Brozovic. To be honest, if we do not re-sign Brozovic then this Inter team may struggle until a sufficient replacement is found. Hopefully he signs the new contract and we keep that engine going.

Where to next? 

Another international break as mentioned earlier awaits us. Again, Inter will have the most players play for their countries again during the break, so hopefully there are no injuries while they are on duty.

When the break is over, Inter will face Lazio for another away fixture. Dangerous times coming up with so many crucial matches back to back.

Prediction – 1-1 draw

As always, Forza Inter!