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Dzeko “My mother saved my life when I was a child”


Edin Dzeko shares the story of his childhood in Bosnia. As a young boy, surviving the war was more important than playing football.

“My mother saved my life when I was a child. She did not let me go and play football with my friends in Bosnia. A few minutes later, a bomb exploded and killed my friends. I didn’t have a childhood because of the war, but all that made me stronger.”

Dzeko has gone on to play a fantastic career playing at many top clubs and captaining his country on numerous occasions. Right now, Dzeko is leading the line for Inter where he is building a lethal combination with Lautaro Martinez.

The Bosnian striker has already scored 9 goals in 21 appearances this season for Inter as he aims to better his tally last season which ended at 17 goals in 49 appearances.

Off the field, Dzeko is fluent in 5 languages including Italian, Bosnian, English, German and Czech. He is also married to model Amra Silajdzic where the couple have 3 kids. Two girls Una and Dalia, and a boy Dani.

Dzeko also became Bosnia’s first UNICEF ambassador back in 2009. Edin helps in visiting schools which have been hurt by the war, and assists children who have been impacted. A feel good story for Dzeko after growing up in a country majorly affected by war.

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