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Dzeko “Lukaku is our extra weapon”


Edin Dzeko was interviewed after receiving his Man of the Match award where he starred with two delightful goals against Viktoria Plzen.

Dzeko went on further to speak about the match and performance as a whole.

“Apart from the first 10-15 minutes, I think we did well. We knew what this victory brought us and we looked for it all the way. Tonight I did what I had to do, it’s my duty, I always try to give my best , also in this match.”

The Bosnian also spoke of Inter’s first goal where he predicted there would be someone behind him.

“Mkhitaryan’s goal? Yes, I felt he was behind, I lowered myself because I heard someone call the ball. I thought it was Dumfries, I didn’t expect him there, it was like a half assist.

Dzeko was asked about how he is feeling overall.

“How am I? Well and I know that I can still play at these levels. Today the whole team did well, we had prepared the match well and passing the round early is definitely an extraordinary thing.

Finally, Edin spoke of the man who he will be fighting for a starting position.

“Romelu’s return gives us one more option, an extra weapon for the next few games.”

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Source: Inter official website