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Do Inter Deserve to Compete In The Champions League?


At the start of every season, each and every team’s main aim is to qualify for Champions league. The Champion’s League is Europe’s most elite competition which separates the big teams from the minnows. Last season Inter grasped that position in the final match of the season against Lazio based on away goals. This season has been one of up’s and downs for Spalletti’s men, with on and off the field drama’s.

Although with three matches to play inter are 3rd with a 4 point buffer over 5th place Roma. But throughout the season, the same term has been used to define Inter: ‘Inconsistent’. Inter have been undefeated in their last 6 matches, but the word ‘undefeated’ isn’t the best term to use. Although they have not lost a match, they have only collected 10 points out of a possible 18. (2W, 4D). The two victories coming against 2nd last place Frosinone, and 16th place Genoa.

Most recently Inter drew 0-0 with 17th placed Udinese in where a win would have provided Inter with great confidence heading into the final 3 matches of the season, further this Inter would have a 7 point buffer over 5th place. With only 9 points left on offer, Inter require to win at least two, to secure their Champions league qualification.

Does Inter Deserve to be in the Champions League?

Although this feat may be achievable, does Inter deserve to be in Europe’s top competition? Short answer is no. In the 2017/2018 season Inter finished =4th just qualifying for Champions league in the last match of the season.  In that season Inter finished the 38 match season with a record of 20 wins, 12 draws and 6 losses. They totalled 72 points and secured 4th place. This season Inter’s current record is worse with only 18 W, 9D and 8L totalling 63 points. With only 3 games remaining Inter have already lost 2 more matches than the previous season.

How are they in the position they are in now?

So the next question to be asked is, if Inter aren’t performing as well, how are they in the position they are in now? Inconsistency is the answer yet again. Throughout the season it has been constantly stated all the teams have been underperforming. Inconsistency has been a major factor amongst all teams, with points being dropped throughout the entire league. In the 2017/2018 season the Serie A experienced 83 draws. This season 101 draws have already been played out meaning that teams have shared the points, and dropped them at the same time. This factor has been instrumental in the layout of the table so far this season.

Ultimately the question begs to be asked, why doesn’t Inter deserve to be the Champion’s League? In the Champion’s League, the opponents that will be faced are: Barcelona, Manchester City, Real Madrid, and Bayern Munich. Inter have struggled against the likes of Genoa, Udinese, Chievo and Sassuolo. Throughout the season, Inter has become complacent and forfeited points by undervaluing the opponents. This is something that cannot be taken into Champion’s League football, something that knocked Inter out of the Champions league this season.